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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 04, 2000 at 15:03:07:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks to everyone who attended! posted by Jon on April 04, 2000 at 08:36:02:

: : I wanna know if I get to wear that cute lil' dress again, you know the one with the matching shoes...

: I just love the part where you bring me my slippers, Snakey.

: It all really is confusing and I apologize (to Charles and to everybody else forced to endure) for not being a little more lucid. It seems, lately, like the industry is caught up in a vortex of chaos, and the faster it spins, so does my head.

: I never really got to explain what it is StarToons has been doing during our 12 year history. I've always been really proud of the fact that we have actually been DOING THE ANIMATION there in Chicago, not just prepping shows for an overseas studio to do. We have established a remarkably good track record producing shows for the Big Boys, with an eye toward launching our own properties that we could also produce. It's my feeling that if the creators of a show could also animate it, you could really streamline the production process and thereby reduce the production budgets.

: I always thought that our survival might be an inspiration to other animators, to encourage them to do what we've done. But in this current chaotic atmosphere (one person is telling us to learn Flash animation ... NOT! the next guy is saying, why put up with a paycheck when you could be doing your own thing and not getting any money ... YEAH RIGHT), I'm not sure I would be able to do the same thing again. StarToons was born in an exciting time, but that new "Golden Age" is petering out.

We've been livin in the transition, i think theres a new golden age around the corner. Keep doin what your doin Jon, in the next 2 years I think there will be a huge need for traditional animators for the web. FLASH (the version we're dealin with now) is just temporary, a program to adabt to the limitations of todays technologies. Where will it be 6 months from now let alone 2 years, as broadband takes over so will the need to expand on internet entertainment. If people just want to learn Flash, go ahead, I say learn your fundementals and use flash as a tool to utilize, a place like Star Toons can ride the wave without adjusting their agenda untill the rest of the internet catches up with the people who've been doin it forever. I know theres alot of crap out there using Flash, but it doen't mean that thats all it can do. This proagram uses the same metgods of traditional animation, its just more limited, it uses key frames.Traditionalist can be hired to do these key frames, BG , color ,and character design and the programers can do the rest. Our services are still needed, if we act afaid of this program cuz' of the rumor of it takin our jobs then whos gonna want to deal with us, they'll have no choice but to go with the guy who only knows Flash, but is not livin in fear. We need to re-educate people that the fundementals of animation does not stop where Flash begins, and at this point is only by example I believe. I want to get paid as much as everyone else, and no I don't have a family besides me , my lady and my cat, but if you want to get paid now you'll have to take advantage of the Flash flood, if a bunch of guys that don't know how to draw can do the latest in flash entertainment, just think of what can be done with guys who can.We need to adapt to the limitations for now, but when technology finally catches up with us , we'll be way ahead of the game.So Keep settin that example Jon, Im inspired.

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