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Posted by SNAKEBITE on April 04, 2000 at 03:31:56:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks to everyone who attended! posted by Kevin on April 04, 2000 at 01:02:45:

: And thank you, Charles, for putting it together. I was sorry I couldn't drag a few of the sheep from the studio with me. And I was sorry I had to bail on the last half hour or so, so I'll be interested to read if I missed anything (I know, I know, as soon as I left Jon and Snakebite put on a skit and acted out that "Good husband/good wife" metaphor!).

I wanna know if I get to wear that cute lil' dress again, you know the one with the matching shoes...

I too would like to thank you Charles for the fire you bring. We had some real key people there today.

I would like to address a point brought up by a freeagent from Atom Films, I didn't catch her name. She said , and I caught parts of what she said, there was a lil' melodrama in the back...anywho,what I heard was that the studios facilitating the production aspects for KCET were doing "free programing" , Kcet was not funding these productions,the private companies would fund production and the way the studios made money off this was by taken a percentage of the licencing agreements for the particular property, please feel free to correct me on any of the "maticulisities" I might of missed...So what we're dealing with, it sounds to me, is the same ol' monkey boys, it seems that KCET is a weapon of great distraction. And as far as Canada's Money is concerned, its kinda weird that a country that has a market big enough to support its own original programming would invest in another country's broadcasting system, does anyone know why?

ITS ALL SO COMPLICATED!!!...but really simple, I came to the conclusion, why bother, why bother tryin to figure out how and why these companies are taken advandage of us, I already figured it out along time ago and tryin to analize and pick it apart doesn't work. Why bother with a union that dosen't fit the job discription any more, or protects the people it represents,has more questions than answers, or extends benefits when laid off (for that matter, any orgization or company that fits that discription). I asked Steve Hewlett about the no strike clause, and by the way, people at the meeting today might of thought things got intense between us and I would like to say that I was never once angry and I thought that being in a position like Mr. Hewlett's he was real cool(I can sympathize with how many times he's been asked that question). Yet I still felt that a Union needs to Adapt just like the people it represents. These are different times and we need a new approach, and maybe tens years from now would be an appropriate time for Steve to hear my take, as he suggested.

Why deal or even try to fight against a system that was designed to use you as a number, a bottom line. Why invest in something that is supposed to protect you but makes deals with those threatening you to benefit only themselves, how COULD you possiblly change that, its a whole different animal.

I know this is sounding synical and a bit defeatest, but thats not where Im at all in the least, It may be the crack,hehehehe, but I feel more empowered than ever. Individuals are defining new work models everyday and are proving to be successful using those models.Take advantage of the fact that testing the market with an creative intellectual property is the most cost effective and creator friendly its been to date, WITH THE INTERNET. Look to the brothas/sistas next to you that feel the same way. Take advantage of your talents and passion, if your laid off and pissed take advantage of all that free time, if your freelance and pissed take advantage of all your free time too, as well as that "do it for spec" do it for free for people you don't even like, why not do it for yourself...but most of all, just do it. I know it sounds like a cliche, or a nike ad, but really, its the year of the Dragon "strength" is on our side...and Im actually sick of hearing myself talk about it...don't worry when I wake up later this morning I know I'll feel better, after some crack, hehehoho.

On a closing note, I would like to personally
invite Enrique May to the board. Enrique is on the board of our industry's Union and although he does not know me I was informed by a close Brotha in the trenches that he was a good soul. Is it possible for you to share some insight as to what the Union has to offer, alot of us, even those who have been payin dues for awhile, don't understand the key points as to what the Union offers. For the new generation and can you please make it so my ignorant ass can understand and don't say, referr to our site, too many details cloud a brothas' mind. If anyone knows Mr. May can you ask him for us or if he's reading, it would be most helpful, Thank You.

And, RIGHT ON!!!, to everyone that showed up today... remember, things could be worse, but does it need to be worse .

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