Re: Why aren't Canadians mad?

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Posted by J.W. on April 03, 2000 at 11:12:44:

In Reply to: Why aren't Canadians mad? posted by Trevor Keen on April 03, 2000 at 10:15:35:

: Why aren't we mad? Because we know Nelvana is a shit place to work and always was. It is the first port of call for the kids coming out of Sheridan, and they are accustomed to treating artists as a disposable resource.

Not why do artists ignore Nelvana, but why are Nelvana may be a hole in terms of artistic endevor but why do they get to steal money ? Why do these shits on Atlantic Avenue get to rape the Canadian people unchecked ? It's not an artist thing. It's a Canadian people thing. Teachers , lawyers, cab drivers, etc. It's their money Nelvana is stealing. Artists may have no reason to work there but it is no longer an artistic issue. It's a legal money issue.

:I was glad to see Disney open up in Toronto, so that Nelvana wouldn't be the only game in town anymore, but that hasn't lasted. Typical Story: They convince their postproduction people to work twelve-hour days to finish a project on time, look at the budget, and cut their pay before the work is finished. When I was there we were doing layouts in house but they are now sending layouts overseas. At the time the work was going to Korea and Taiwan, but maybe it's going to China now too. It does make me mad because the government money is intended for small outfits that are starting out, not for a big 25-year old place like Nelvana.

Damn straight! You are the industry , not them. Take power , take control. You have a right to anger. That money was to help Canadians get jobs, not to pay off three slimy jerks. They are butt f__king all Canadians, cheating by hiring slave labour in other lands and I think it is time for you all to get angry.

: Also, established Canadian music performers like Holly Cole and Bruce Cockburn still visit the trough. Cinar got in trouble because they were hiring Americans to write and direct and representing them as Canadian for the government handouts, plus the owners had their hands in the till.

See. These sons of bitchs done give a damn about you. They never did. Ever. Time to take the gloves off Trevor. You know those jobs you all think you will lose by speaking up ? They aren't there. They aren't evergoing to be there. Nelvana is a professional lying machine that has every intention of seeing you grovel while they crawl on piles of money stolen from your childrens future. They are laughing at all of us Trevor. All of us. It's time to end this. End them as a business. Somewhere out there is an honest person who deserves that tax break.

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