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Posted by J.W. on April 03, 2000 at 02:03:49:

In Reply to: thousand points of light posted by George Bush, Sr. on April 02, 2000 at 22:22:48:

: You could have made your point in a more lucid, less sarcastic and hostile tone without puking to begin with instead of stirring up a desert storm by jumping to conclusions about the writer.

This site has only ever offered just one solution. Just picket. That is all. It has been put up as only an "American " problem . It is far greater. Look what these rebates have done to live action. Clearly the rebates and how they are applied are the problem. Why aren't we going after them ?

The people here are visualizing some Canadian "doing their work" ."Take my job". When you do that you have lost an allie against the rebates. I'm frustrated because everyone gives me the same reaction. All it takes is putting yourself in their shoes for just a minute. Canadian animators are losing in this as well. You could easily see them saying the same thing. "doing their work" ."Take my job".

:It's only an ex-president's opinion. One that could be changed if you weren't shooting from the hip. We'll go play. You can put away your six gun.

Picketing is only one angle. It should be hit from all fronts. Canadian animators dont have a thing to do with it even though Canadian companies are the offenders. We have as much in common with them. This is a RARE opportunity. To get the Canadian government to force these offenders to make deals with Canadians in the equation (kind of changes the economics huh ? Think they can just walk away with deals when the cost is real ? I think not) . Hell, it might even get them to audit these cheaters. I would rather compete with a Canadian for price than the Chinese. And the idea they are getting away with this in silence is insane. I was spurred by an article that claimed we were angry at our brother/sister artists in Canada over "them" getting the job. There is no "them", only a devious company playing tricks with the both peoples money.

Even Snakebite pulled out some anger over some claim that they were "better" or "more capable". Which is silly. This was never an issue of talent at all. Where that came from I don't know but I think it is a common unfocused anger and why we never considered enlisting their help. We have to stop butting our heads against walls and hoping they just come down. Sure Canadians want work, so do we. Think they want their tax money going to China ? I think not. Now lets see how angry they will be.

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