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Posted by TOM SITO on April 02, 2000 at 23:35:48:


> Okay, so what's the big deal about picketing PBS?


> The Public Broadcasting System based in Virginia is totally depended upon

> private donations through affiliates like KCET Los Angeles and WNET New

> York. They are depended also upon tax dollars through the National

> Endowment for the Humanities.


> Most L.A. animation folk are pretty hip, with-it people who believe in what PBS

> does. Many of us are PBS subscribers. This year despite all the hoopla in

> the press about how Hollywood is booming Hollywood animators are facing a

> shrinking job market and downward pressure on their take-home pay. Records

> show we have lost up to 1,000 jobs, that's over one third of all our work

> in just 18 months!

So it made us sad when we heard PBS had concluded a big contract to send

their animation work to Canada. It wasn't just a few shows or some

subcontracting, they made a deal for AN ENTIRE BLOCK OF PROGRAMMING.

One company they negotiated the deal with- Nelvana, had built their

company with heavy subsidies and tax credits from the Ontario Provincial

Government and now they have laid off their own Canadian artists so they can

send their U.S. work to be done in RED CHINA! The other company, Cinar

Productions, is wracked with allegations of funny business with 10 million

dollars of their investors money,


When the Animators Union wrote the chairman of PBS to complain about this

we were ignored at first. After we went public in the press we received a prompt

> reply from a PBS vice-chairperson defending their decision. They said they

> were only spending 5% of their budget, $9 million dollars US in Canadian

> Animation. This is in direct conflict with Nelvana's own press releases

> and website where they claim the PBS deal is worth $40 million dollars US.


> The answer from PBS also claimed that the reason they went to Canada was

> because "no comparable US animation firm came to bid for their work" This

> statement is hotly denied by several studio owners here in Hollywood. They

> claim PBS never bothered to return their calls, they had already

> predetermined their deal.


> Okay, Disney, Warners, Nick, they're all doing it too. If Rupert Murdoch

> or Sumner Redstone sends my job to China there's not too much I can do.

> But why should I give donations and pay taxes to an organization to

further undermine my job security? I mean COMON' ALREADY!

We gotta put our foot down somewhere.


> This ain't a Union vs. Non-Union issue. WE'RE ALL EFFECTED! COME EVEN IF

> YOU'RE NOT A UNION PERSON! If you're in production, if you're a small

> employer, if you're a tech, THIS IS YOUR FIGHT TOO! THE MORE PEOPLE WE



> Nobody in the media or Sacramento even knew this issue existed until SAG,

> the DGA and several large IATSE unions put together a large rally and

> march on Sacramento. THEN the news suddenly took notice. The more people we have out there the more our plea will be taken seriously and studios will think twice about sending your work out of town.


>The DGA, other IATSE unionists and the Hollywood Film & Television Action Committee will be there too. It's just one hour to show the media how important this is to us. Your employer will understand. Heck, it's his career too. One long lunch hour

to demonstrate to the world that we in LA won't take this screwing around

with our livelyhoods quietly.


> PLEASE COME AND JOIN US. If you live here, if your family is here, then

> this is your fight too. Give us an hour and a half of your time to show

> the world we are united and we are pissed!


See you April 13th in front of KCET in Silverlake at 11:30 AM TO 1:30 PM


> ---------------t.s.


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