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Posted by J.W. on April 02, 2000 at 14:45:33:

In Reply to: What is your solution? posted by Wondering on April 01, 2000 at 19:20:48:

: : Who in the union or sitting here complaining contacted any Canadian news service?

: Did you contact any Canadian news service? If so, what was their response? Please give us names, addresses, phone numbers.

: : Try imagining you were them for one moment.Canadian taxpayers. There are 30 million of them. Paying ten million for nothing but to make the three money grubbing slobs at Nelvana rich while handing 30 million or so to China.

: What Canadian government officials and agencies should we write to to address this problem? Names, addresses, phone numbers, please.

Hmm. Yah got me here. They have ministers of everything so someone would have to know. I think the idea is to get it out that these crooks are getting free money. What pisses me off is having PBS onboard seems to validate it.

: : Now what kind of noise do you think they could add to our 2000 members.

: Have you notified the union leadership about this? If so, what was their response? Will you attend a union meeting to express your views? Will you submit a letter to The Pegboard?

I have said it before but no one wanted to listen. People think it's a joke because it doesn't have to do with kicking down KCETs door and hanging someone. Clearly it isn't a call to stop the picket but to hit every angle possible . I cannot imagine Mr. and Mrs. Canada sitting home happy about handinhg these schmucks free money.

: : We are supposed to be leaders and not just reactionaries. We are already sharing the pain.

: What do you suggest we do to address the problem?

Hit every newspaper editoral page.Write as many of their papers as possible. Not with party line but with the truth. How much are they losing. Keep in mind that if PBS puts in ten million that is divided by 300,000,000 people. If Canadians put in 10 million it is divided by 30,000,000 and in a much poorer economy. Sound good to you ? They are shipping these jobs overseas so they are getting free government money to ship jobs out. Is it me or does that sound like something Canadians wouldn't want ?

: : I'm not suggesting the deal is good in anyway so don't think play like I'm defending it.

: Will you attend the KCET demonstration?

Or do whatever I can in other ways. I'm under hell deadline now. You working today ? I am.

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