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Posted by J.W. on April 01, 2000 at 18:34:56:

In Reply to: Re: PBS the solution posted by Uncle Ronnie on April 01, 2000 at 02:34:31:

: : : There's no animosity for Canadians

: : Just the blaming of Canadian artists for something that is totally bogus. I just read it in the paper the other day ."Americans Animators are angry as PBS hires Canadian Artists". Yeah, that is love alright.

: I love you. Please, take my job.

Geeze Ronnie, they don't have your job. Take a look over in Bejing.

: :
: : :and nobody is being anti-Canadian by simply expecting american tax dollars allocated for public television production to come to the citizens of this country first

: : No, it's being anti-Canadian by allowing PBS to rip off the Canadian tax payer for ten million dollars.

: i wouldn't watch pbs then, if I were canadian. and I'd insist on a refund.

You would get a handicapped discount.

: :
: : :
: : who are for the most part every bit as talented as our Canadian friends, but who have mouths to feed and mounting bills.

: : The dispute had absolutely nothing to do with determining who was more "talented". We are ripping off the poorer Canadians for ten million directly in taxes and you can only think of yourself. Exactly as I said, the heart ceases where the border ends. Do you not think they have mouths to feed? You are totally ok with ripping them off for ten million in taxes ? You prove my point.

: Which point? That I don't love them? I'm perfectly happy living on unemployment.

But.. so are they.

: I've done it for years. but that's ok because I love you canada. my wife and kids love you too. they understand. eat all of your macaroni and cheese, kiddies because animators in cnada are starving.

I'm sure they say the same about Americans.

: :
: : :Unfortunately, what Canadians may not understand is that the system we are dealing with down here is set up to automatically look someplace else besides this country first, which is infuriating if you're an American who wants to work in animation in your own country and your own market.

: : Oh come on. The work is going to China. Exactly what do you think these people don't understand ? All this crap is silly. They are losing way way more then we are in every single way. You really need to look at yourself.

: I looked and looked. I love you canada. i feel soooo guilty. Please take my job.

Just in case you are too busy taking hold of the guilt you might notice they don't have your job.

: :
: : : American animation artists have been discriminated against for several decades as far as farming out production.

: :
: : No, independant business found a cheap source of labor in Asia. That's hardly discrimination. We cost more so it was purley business.

: Purely business, canada.

No China. Where the work is going.

: :
: : : The canadian government actively subsidized Canadian animation filmmakers for years in one way or another.

: : From this board it appears that they have not. And that the monies used to take jobs from live action were only gained in 1997. Nelvana,the only active TV animation studio has always sent it's work overseas, clearly not supporting any Canadian animator. Again you have proved my point.

: "well.... there you go again".


: :
: : :The private and the public sector in this country never consider American animation studios. In LA, there are artists who are and have been struggling from year to year just to survive. Executives have built secure foundations for themselves while many American animation artists have to live like gypsys.

: : All animation artists live like gypsys. Most have been around the world or to many different studio's. It's called the "Entertainment Business". Unstable, high risk, high pay. Not for the weak of heart. The very few that have any kind of a normal life are rare.

: I'll tell your fortune for a chicken and your watch.

Work in cartoons do you ?

: :
: : : Sorry, Canada, but this is getting old. We'll be happy to share the wealth and prosperity with you, but American tax dollars for animation should be coming to American animation studios who are qualified, competitive and able first.

: : God, you make me want to puke. The idea that you think you are adressing Canadians is so silly. "We'll be happy to share the wealth and prosperity with you" . Come on. We will cut them out as quick as we can. They are nonhuman things that we will continue to objectify and degrade by blaming them for something we have no control of.

: Don't puke. It's not worth it. Take my job instead. I love you.

Why do you keep offering them a job that you are giving to the Chinese ?

: : : Then it can be farmed out to Canadian studios who are producing in Canada. It won't happen unless Americans fix this.

: : You have fixed this. I stand by what I said. We have excluded our best weapon.

: :
: : : And if we don't, it'll still be going to China so why are you guys crying.

: : Lets face it, it's going to China no matter what. It's wont be done here or in Canada ever. Too bad you make it all to clear why Canadians should fear us.

: Look out all you canucks! We're coming ta git cha!
: You've been watching too many of those old westerns.

Go baby. Drink the whole bottle. I give.

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