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Posted by J.W. on April 01, 2000 at 18:18:24:

In Reply to: SNAKEBITE, the solution...Dwa ha. posted by SNAKEBITE on April 01, 2000 at 12:19:58:

: When the preproduction work was initially taken away from us and being sent over to the Canadians for bottom line reasons, Brotha's and Sistas here in the states reached out over the boarder to warn them about the flight path of the Monkey boy, Canadians reply, the ones that did, was that we were just jealous that the Canadians could do it better and for less money

Exactly , what are you taking about ? You make no sense. Who said we were jealous ? Better for less money ? First time I've heard that in this entire conversation at all. Name who said that Snakebite or are you just imagining this (or .. of course bullshitting).

:, and that we American animators were just gonna have to get over ourselves and do it for less...well the shoes on the other foot and John Wayne here wants our help,

Are you on drugs ? What are you going on about ? I couldn't care less for your help . In case you didn't notice the PBS problem is still there.

: "oooohhhh, our tax dollars are being spent over seas by PBS", well join the club, you're a lil' late gettin here.

Lol. You are so off here uh, Snake. The idea was to inlist the help of the people who are paying for it. Late, brother I'm perfectly on time.

:Sounds like you guys have a lil discussion that needs to be, with your Government that is. PBS, public prodcasting system, thats our country, Im not about drawing lines but come on PBS money belongs over here, we can't deal with our problems and yours, especially when the only time we hear from guys like J.W. is when then chit hits their fan... don't you guys have your own public television that needs funding.

Are you really trying to sound silly ? You are doing a great job.

: It sounds like the only ones that lost their options are J.W. and company, us evil American animators are adapting, constantly, the new era is relying on ones self and the tribe he/she has created. So chin up J.W., we don't hate you Canadians, we just got over you...and your right, we won't share the wealth, make it yourself, we have to.

Grand stand and prance all you want Snake. Wont do a damn thing. But, that is what you do. Too bad it's just a game to you. Zero content.

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