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Posted by John Wayne on April 01, 2000 at 01:26:05:

In Reply to: PBS the solution posted by John Wayne on March 31, 2000 at 15:25:40:

What is clear is that if a Canadian protest of handing Nelvana 10 million in Canadian tax dollars to ship employment to China would have had both groups representing half the projects budget up in arms. By isolating the Canadian's it now looks like just another case of envy. Is it me ? Or does it seem that American and Canadian animators/artists have something in common here? Neither are working on this PBS job . I mean, what the hell more do you need ? You are right Ronald. This is real "old". And so is the solution we are using "old". All we have done is blabbed about how we should get it first here when we took into account none of the damage it did to the other group equally footing the bill. Them. Who in the union or sitting here complaining contacted any Canadian news service ? Try imagining you were them for one moment.Canadian taxpayers. There are 30 million of them. Paying ten million for nothing but to make the three money grubbing slobs at Nelvana rich while handing 30 million or so to China. Now what kind of noise do you think they could add to our 2000 members.

Yeah, we have mouths to feed. Try getting your head around the fact that so do they. By looking at the narrow view you lose options. We are supposed to be leaders and not just reactionaries. I'm not suggesting the deal is good in anyway so don't think play like I'm defending it. I'm just pointing out that by focusing only on the American loss you are excluding half the losers in this twisted deal. So don't bother giving me the same tired old line about "we will share the wealth". We are already sharing the pain.

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