The Devil Made Me

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Posted by SNAKEBITE on March 07, 2000 at 22:12:23:

In Reply to: The Devil Made Me Do It posted by Jon on March 07, 2000 at 20:06:55:

: I have a confession to make.

: Whereas I have playfully endorsed Charles' upcoming April meeting as "Strike Day 2000" ... I hope all of you union animators understand what a disastrous move a strike would be for you. The only ones who would benefit from a Strike would be Canadian studios, certain Asian studios ... and independent, non-union shops like mine.

: As a non-union animator, I have absolutely no right to talk about union actions or to advocate anything regarding your contract. On this forum I have the right (or privilege) to be able to express opinions, but if they stir up fellow animators to do something detrimental to the industry, for the sake of personal gain, that's just plain evil. I abused my privilege in that regard.

: The best thing for this industry, in my opinion, would be if the Union was able to structure a new deal and a positive new relationship with the Big Studios, whereby a new trust is formed, with a sensitivity to the business pressures faced by the Studios. Your leadership can make all the difference. Take the initiative.

: Charles may call his meeting whatever he wants, but I look forward to addressing, as a unified group, proposals to strengthen the American animation industry and thereby securing a future for animators on these shores.

I don't think this is about a strike at the excecutive expense, they've already decided we're more trouble than worth in their eyes, ie current state of the industry...What I ssssee is not a strike at all, more like a swift kick in the butt...without our employment there will be no money to pay union dues, how will the UNION survive, as the layoffs grow and more work gets sent over seas, how will they justify their sevices... sure this is only one way of lookin at the situation and by no means the only issue that would be addressed at the meeting, but without us what will they have, its in the Unions best interest to adapt and support. I know its crazy thinking, but I had red meat for dinner tonight.

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