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Posted by Kevin on March 04, 2000 at 11:41:27:

In Reply to: Re: I Agree... posted by Still remaining anonymous on March 04, 2000 at 07:43:48:

: I hate to say it, but honestly I don't advocate buying an ink & paint software for personal use ... unless you have serious prospects for making it pay for itself. It's too expensive and time-consuming to be a hobby. If you want to develop experience for the industry, it would probably be cheaper to enroll in some training classes.

Perhaps I should have clarified. I've been in feature animation for about 5 years. What I'm interested in is exactly what a chunk of this board is dedicated to -- creating animation by myself and with a small group of industry friends that will reflect my sensibilities and that I can control and profit from. Basic know-how of animation is not what I'm lacking. My interest in the software is to find an efficient and cost effective way to output what I'm already doing. What I do now is use the pencil test equipment after hours where I work. The drawbacks to this are that I don't have access to ink & paint, can't output my work in a broadcast-ready format, and I suppose someone at the company could claim anything I create is partly theirs, since I developed it partly with their equipment (if they catch me doing it, that is).

: (Keep in mind you're talking to an old animation purist here, who believes in old industry quality standards).

As do I. The issue isn't standards and quality. In fact, that's why I asked the original question. I expect anything I do on my own to approximate the same production standards that I'm accustomed to at a feature animation house. However, I don't need a system that meant for feature films, since that's not my target.

: I did, however, see a nice program across from the StarToons booth (#11) - called CTS or CSG or something - comes out of Montreal. I am interested in it for its logical organization and for its ability to output to many different formats.

I'll have to check this out. Thanks.

: I think it's becoming evident as the industrial dust settles, that ToonBoom's USAnimation system is establishing itself as the best ink & paint system.

They advertise their system as a high-volume system for production houses. From the fact that they don't list a price, and from the minimum system requirements, I'm guessing USAnimation is rather expensive and not viable for an individual. I would have to upgrade all of my hardware to use it. Do you know what the program costs?

:Besides being a storage saver (vector-based), it is logically set up from the animator's stand-point, so that the animator can remain a part of the creative process even AFTER his drawings are scanned. With AXA and Animo, you need to UN-learn everything about animation and remold your thinking process to suit their progressive (=counterproductive) programming - or else hire a bunch of geeks to take over that part of the process and leave artistic interpretation to them.

Since Animo is the only system I'm really familiar with, I don't have a basis to compare. But if it's as bad as they get, then I'm not too worried.

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