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Posted by Sheepie on March 01, 2000 at 16:41:49:

In Reply to: Re: ANIMATION NATION - ROUND 2 posted by Snow Scarlet on March 01, 2000 at 16:24:07:

: : It's called a "lynch mob" :0)
: Explain? :0)

Just a joke. A lot of angry artists in a group. The grin :o) at the end means it's said with humor.

: :
: : Before you create the new PPP (Perfectly Pissedoff Picturedrawers) :0) exactly what would you like the union to do for you ? I think it's important the present union fail at your goals before you create another one to fail at your goals.

: I agree totally.

: Exactly, what are they ? If we join do we lose our pensions and benefits ?

: My preference would be reformation of the current union affiliation, so that we could keep our pension, etc. Our union's not too bad, when we're all working. It's our lack of unity and our lack of toughness w/ IATSE that's allowed the current situation to occur.

See now I agree with that. I'm just thinking that to throw the whole thing out is very time consuming and the reforming another group might even hugely weaken the both.

: : At the risk of repeating myself:
: : > We need to stick together and look out for each other. There is strength in numbers. We could do it with our existing union if the artists would get off their whiney duffs and take some action (like attending a union meeting!)

Get a reformed mandate.

: :
: : If you cannot get unity of action in this union by motivating artists, why would creating an offshoot create unity ? Just a thought.

: You're absolutely right. I find that many "anti-unionists" or un-involved Union members use the excuse that "Our union is weak" or "the union never does anything for me" -- competely missing the point that WE are the union. Does anybody out there have any ideas for how we could motivate our artists into unity of action? I'll admit that I'm looking out for my own interests, but we could all benefit from looking out for each other. This is how members of "strong" unions keep from being taken advantage of.

Exactly. It's not just how angry people are, it is the action the union takes. Well, if we are the union then we should be able to hand the people who run it a mandate to reform it's goals. If that is what everyone wants. Why build another house if the one you live in just isn't the right color. (Hmmm, not a good example but you know what I mean).

Now artists are not all the most aggressive people so standing up and talking in front of others is not always an appealing . Especially when their is such anger abounds. It's hard to tell who has a good idea when so many are just interested in just venting anger. This site is a great place for ideas to start. Producers class is a very good one. I would call it:

"Understanding the artists working for you".

Managing tends to be heavy handed and when the goal is just execting then people tend to crush those below in their rush for brownie points. The misunderstandings take place because they see studios as a factory rather than art production.

I like your openess to questions and your willingness to discuss variations. That is very refreshing .

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