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Posted by Sheepie on February 23, 2000 at 01:15:26:

In Reply to: Re: Well Well posted by Percy Pernell Yells Have Fun with my post Cry Baby Union on February 22, 2000 at 12:12:59:

: : : Does it seem that all animators, not just feature are locked into their own world, work-wise. I personally could not care what is happening at other studios to other animators. I would like to put food on my table without worrying where the next check is coming from.

: : Perhaps your lack of caring explains why you must worry about your next check. Exactly why should anyone care about you then ? If you just want a steady paycheck may I suggest factory or office work ? Anyone getting into this business does it for reasons other than money.

: ---You are jsut fooling yourself if you think that you are in this industry for the prestige or love of cartooning, whatever, that attitude is why artists are taken advantage of, screwed over, and downright not taken seriously.

Prestige ? What are you on about ? We get screwed over because THEY want pestige.

: When I started there was NO work and I couldn't get a damn person to even look at my portfolio.

: ---Because you weren't good enough??

Ok, I'm going to try and reach your long buried intellect. How could I not be good enough if I couldn't get anyone to look at it smartboy ? If they looked at it and said "Sorry but it isn't good enough", ok. That not being the case the idea they could know without looking at it even escapes my fanciful imagination.

: Still, it was what I loved and despite total lack of support from anyone I kept at it. I have worked as a steel worker, janitor , dishwasher, carpenter and many other occupations getting here.

: ---Obviously you are a single guy with absolutely no idea what it is like to support a family!

No, actually I was married.

: As for you working to get to where you are, don't assume that you are the only one who has actually worked for a living.

What ? Who said that ? What exactly is your problem ?

: ----Glamourizing the Animation industry into thinking it is not just like any other job is foolish. You were probably just as good as a janitor as you are at clean-up, inbetweening, etc.

Oh brother. A newbie. What is glamourous about slaving for hours at a desk O giant brain ? It is different in many respects but the idea you think I'm making it into anything sexy is really a laugh. And as for my abilities your assumptions of them are as vacuous as your knowledge of the industry.

: : : The union doesn't seem to have much influence over individual firings/layoffs, as long as it doesn't affect the whole.

: : Actually it has great influence in unjust firings.

: :
: : :Take the situation in Vancouver/Toronto, mass layoffs/firings at Disney, then they pull out. A mass firing of employees at Nelvana, closing not only layout there, but design, and ship everything out to the smaller studios and overseas. All not too many months after Tom Sito and the 839 tried to establish roots in the Canadian studios.

: :
: : Hey, wait a second. You rejected the union totally. What the hell can they do for you if you shut them out to begin with ? Dont lay that dead thing at Sito's door.

: ---A Blanket statement about all Canadian animators, I personally signed up to start up the union here, unfortunately all 3 of us were not followed by the rest of the sheep.

So what ? The idea Sito or the union has anything to do with maintaining studios in other companies is ridiculous. The Canadian union was to be seperate and not connected to 839. Blame yourselves.

: :
: : :Thanks from all of us up here Tom!!!

: : For what ? Blame yourself for not allowing a union to get started.

: :
: : :The last refuge of the tradional animator is the computer as record profits from the Biggies mean more layoffs to the actual workers.

: : So go. Sounds like you couldn't care less anyway.

: :
: : : Bottom line is the work is going overseas and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it.

: : Companies will do what they want but the union sets the standard of living here. Sure they will ship things out but if your trying to tell us it doesn't happen in any other business you are wrong. Stop blaming a union you rejected.

: -----The only reason for the union to show up in Canada is money. The execs at certain companies became scared and fired everyone anyway. Besides Sheepie you suck.

Again, you are short sighted as you are ignorant. The union wasn't connected. It would have had no control over the Canadian union. The only thing that sucks is your logic.

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