Re: what's with the kiss-up?

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Posted by Sheepie on February 21, 2000 at 13:40:28:

In Reply to: Re: what's with the kiss-up? posted by claire on February 21, 2000 at 11:25:07:


: stop being so simplistic sheepie. i'm not angry. what's to envy?

Exactly. Why did you even mention overlap or reversals ? Explain ?

: all humans beings are equal, of course. that's not the issue.
: but there are leaders and there are followers.

Talk about simplistic. Followers can be leaders but not get that glory. I've seen it.

and the bigger
: the company, the more followers there are. charles is a leader.
: he is out on his own, speaking about important issues in an
: industry where few are willing to do the least to
: the degree he is. and he's is making a positive difference.

I'm not disputing Charles or the good he is doing.I only disputed the generalizing .

: i'm not out to hurt anyones' feelings. if something rubs your
: ego the wrong way...get over it!!!!

Ya know. In my life I have never met anyone who talks like this who wasn't the first to break into tears when it was them people were talking about . The problem is yours. It's your ego thats rubbed the wrong way. Follow your own advice Claire.

if you dissagree
: that feature studios, any of them, are more progressive
: than what has already been pioneered by a few 'fringe'
: independents, who usually lead the way in covering new ground,
: then i yield. the floor is yours. enlighten us.

Since I don't lump artists into stereotyped groups I don't see feature companies as the home of artists slaves. Each artist is an individual and does within the company what his job is. Lasseter and others worked within those companies before they started out on their own so telling us that the fringe came from totally independant routes is not true. People work for companies to survive but are not always followers. Also I wanted noted that at any point I brought up what I had done I was told I was "bragging" yet you all freely talk of what "the fringe " has done like it was gold. Do you really want to know how much animators struggle towards a better industry or does it have to be under the independant flag only ? Until you've stood toe to toe with the president of a major company , screaming at him for bad management, wasting money and for torturing the artists then your experiences are more limited than mine. Start by assuming their are many different kinds of artist and not just the ones that fit your stereotype , very limited vision. Not every anarchist is independant.

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