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Posted by Sheepie on February 18, 2000 at 11:19:51:

In Reply to: aint no mo posted by SNAKEBITE on February 18, 2000 at 04:12:51:

: Look, the statements that Charles made were generalizin how he felt about a certain percentage of people in the industry,

I think thr "animators are just sheep" thing was too general then.

:out of experience,and you took it upon yourself to personalize it.

Taking it personal was kind of easy when the target is so generalized.

: I don't know you enough to have the desire to put down let alone "spit" on any of your contributions you so proudly stated, yet did not share, but if you want to focus on one word, thats your agenda.

Using one single word can change the entire tone of a conversation. You know that very well. MLK Jr knew that.

:And for the record I have never asked anyone to go on strike,

That was what I took the "union should grow balls " think as.

:personally I don't even think Union should be a must for everyone, it should be a personal preference, me I have a lawyer, she's the best, no dues, she shares her knowledge and I only pay her when I need her..

Not everyone is fortunate or as apt.

: You know, I would have to say that I hope that you solution was only a teaser, I was "arrogantly" waitin for so much more, or was is it that I am too childish and won't be able to grasp it?

I said the insults were "childish", not you. Adults often do childish things without being childish themselves. And your classing me as a "whinny ass" as "arrogant presumption" .

: So Home Skilet, Im ready to end this, I bet you are to...maybe, were I was comin from, is that you just represented a type of person that i see oooohhh too often in this community and it gave me an apportunity to let you know how I felt

It's hard not to stereotype,for sure. I see them as well but I understand their fear without contracting it.

: but really after I got it out my system i had this postejaculate like depression, I woke up to see who was in bed with me and realized,"I must been drunk" cuz you can think anything you want, GO ON BROTHA, tell it like it is, share with the world what you know, let them experience your love...

And that is what this is supposed to be about. The love of it. On that we totally agree.

: Out of respect for the site, I'll try to be on my best behavior, you know when your Ma' said no but you did it anyway, I never grew out of that, but it even got old to me this time.

I think it is impossible to be constantly perfect and I no more expect it from anyone else than do from myself. Life is too short to spend on single incidents. The work is ahead and must be done. Solutions to come. Hang in there Snakebite.

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