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Posted by Sheepie on February 18, 2000 at 02:48:44:

In Reply to: Re: Painted posted by SNAKEBITE on February 17, 2000 at 18:04:37:

: : ...

: : : :
: : : : I'm an animator. I'm confronted with this everyday.
: : :
: : : ... educated and yet you still only have questions...

: : Educated because I make choices I believe in . Not just on the spur of the moment. Questions are the only path to knowledge.
: What choice have you made? And our ideals and solutions have been years in the makin'..

You know that the animation industry is not the model of constant unchanging problems. Everything changes so solutions must. There is more to consider now than just what we want. Digital and outside competition can change the ground you walk on in mere days.

: :
: : : : : : Questions.

: : : : : ...everyone has questions, not everyone has answers, and if don't like the ones presented before you think of ones yourself...

: : : :
: : : : I have but I dont call those who dont agree with me "sheep".

: : : ..bust out the solutions and you won't fit the sheep catagory...

Your solution seems to be a union you dont belong to going on strike ? Other people. How is that a "solution" ? Where is your sacrifice ? Myself I never ask anyone to sacrifice anything I wont be.

: :
: : You cannot get to solutions until you are sure of the problem. You seem to think it is totally clear yet I do not.

: We are sure what the problem is, and you not knowin what it is ,is part of the problem..

I know more than you think.

: :
: : :
: : : : : :
: : : : : : :, besides your sensitivity, did he touch a nerve?

: : : : :
: : : : : : No, it made me ask what anyone would ask. Anyone.

: : : : : know YOU speak for anyone and everyone?..

: : : :
: : : : No, I ask questions that "anyone " would. Nothing more.

: : : ..again, stated above...

: : You can try to manipulate it to say I'm speaking for everyone but asking questions is something no one should fear.

: Can't argue there...except that whole manipulation're doin a good job by yourself..

Come on. How ?

: :
: : : :
: : : : : : :, did he hit a lil' too close to home?, I bet he did.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Naw, sorry but it did do something for me.It clued me in on a another agenda. Someones, personal agenda? Tell me, does that hit close to home ?

: : : : : walked in the front door, so far the ONLY ones with agenda's are the corporate Shepards, wouldn't you like a new one?...

: : : :
: : : : I know their agenda. They are obvious. The question is what is Charles agenda. I find the call for independance and self relience inspiring but the slams and name calling less than worthy.

: : : ...whats your agenda, we ALL have one...

: :
: : The best action for the best solution. It doesn't involve being called "sheep" by anyone.

: Baaaaaa

I guess I should be John Wayne and drop the bomb on myself to clear up a case of acne.

: :
: : : : : :
: : : : : : : Theres nothing defeatest about his attitude, he will take the road that most are affraid to take ,

: : : : : :
: : : : : : You had better be sure they were "afraid" to take those roads. You might be missing something. People try to destroy what they are afraid of.

: : : : : in point, you...

: : : : Death, taxes and flying. I have no fear of talking about the animation industry, no. Asking questions is hardly "destroying" anything.

: : : ...its not the questions its the sensitivity...

: :
: : To being called a "sheep". Sure as hell am. Your defined "warrior" has nothing to do with mine. If you knew me personally "sheep" would be the last thing you would call me. There are other ways of being a warrior.

: I truly think that if the word "sheep" did not apply to you , you wouldn't get yo panties all in bunch

Arrogant presumption.

:, and at this point I don't care nor am affraid to meet you,

Who said anything about you being afraid ? I said "if you knew me the last thing you would consider me is a "sheep"". That means as a person. Not physical size.

:and as far as being a warrior, educate me brotha, I've continually challenged you to bring something to the table other than your questions and whinning and you consistantly dodge that challenge.

To start with I suggested getting TV coverage over the plight of the live action and animation communities having to compete with unfair tax grants. I never dodged anything. Type less, read more.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : : the one thing I have certainly learned from C is that success comes from doin what other Mo'Fo's won't...Its very unfortunate , your perspective of his "stance" that is, whats even more unfortunate is that you have not a clue as to what your talkin about.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Look Snakebite, you better be pretty sure that it's sheep you are dealing with before you start pronouncing them such. Because he does what others dont doesnt give him any kind power over nature. When subtle suggestions turn into rampant attacks at people it pretty well clues things in for me. Questions are not a problem bro, attacks are.

: : : : : ...we are dealin with Monkeys and tryin' to wake up the sheep, Im not sure about that whole nature thing, the suggestion have been anything but "subtle" and as far as attacks , you think C is attacking you? I think you're just supportin' his point about fellow artist turnin their backs on too radical of an idea, Us, the artist takin' responsibility for the state of things that is.

: : :
: : : : What BULLSHIT!!!!!! Radical ideas don't include calling people names because they do not agree with everything you say ! It's childish.

: : : who was he talkin too?, you think that this is about people not agreeing with him, this about whats goin on around him, wittnessing his brethren gettin walked over and no one is doin a thing to turn it around, cuz everyone wants to be "realistic".

: :
: : If their is no room for dissenting opinion on issues than it is not for discussion and we are again "sheep". Understand ?

If this is a one way discussion then YOU and he expect people to be like sheep to you all as shepards. Not gonna happen. You cant ask for people to speak independantly and then tell them to shut up when you don't agree. Sorry.

: : :
: : : :As for turning my back on anyone I'm here STILL. I have no idea what Charles is going on about there. Neither I nor anyone I know has kept anyone out of anywhere for "radical" ideas. You mistake the difference between asking Charles to speak with equal respect and turning your back on him.

: : : ...the mere fact that he has opened a place of education and shares his experience and artistic knowledge with anyone that signs up shows more respesct to the industry and the cause than your whinny ass could ever...

: : So confident aren't you. So sure you know who you are talking to. I have in my time taught as many or more. I do it on the job. How dare you try and hang that crap up here. You sir , are blissfully ignorant.

: Look Yoda,

Funny you never called Charles that.

: Why do you take everything so personal

Because you make the personal ," whinny ass Yoda". What the hell are you thinking ?

:, I talk about the contributions C brings to the situation and you want to brag about yourself..

Lets just correct that shall we. You bragged about Charles home boy and then you spit on anything that anyone else has done that is equal .

:.your right i don't know who you are, I only know what i read so again educate my ass , Im runnin out of hangers for my chit.

Try not insulting people. Just try it.

: : : : :
: : : : : : ..Nothing, he has to explain to you, if you haven't crasped the point by probably won't.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Perhaps I grasp more than you think Snakebite, or whatever your other names are. Point is bro you start insulting the flock and your knives have turned on the people you were trying to convince. Welcome to the sheep.

: : : : : ..yeah your graspin something and I think it takes too much time out of your day. I have two names, the one my mother gave me and the one I use...and by the way we're not tryin to "convince" anyone, the ones that get it, get it and the ones who don't get all sensitive. If you don't like the solutions here on this board theres nothing stoppin you from not typin'

: : : : Oh, I get it. Have questions, maybe don't hold the same ideals,want to be treated like a human being ? Get lost bud. .

: : :
: : : OOOOHHHH treat me like a human being, somebody, anybody? WOW... man, your energy is totally misplaced, why don't use that one on the people who have made you sheep..

: :
: : What you want is to exchange one shepard for another. You dont want warriors you want sheep.

: No...we want women, yeah baby...

Wont touch that.

: : ::Groovy Snakebite. Message recieved, bro

: : : Im found, sounds like you're lost and I don't think your mental receiver is up to catch the message, Bro'.

: :
: : More insults. Figures.

: You're just so sensitive....

And you are insulting.

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