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Posted by Sheepie on February 18, 2000 at 02:21:49:

In Reply to: Re: Why???? posted by phil on February 17, 2000 at 20:23:42:

: Sheepie. I don't think Andreas was wagging his finger and rolling his eyes at traditional animation.

I understand. He is confused by the reluctance of 2d animators to make the leap. He seems to miss the idea that animation isn't just a direct translation into computer. It's not a disrespect for 3d either but the idea that every one should want to leap into the future seems to ignore how much of a change it is.

: I think he was merely stating a fact that computer animation is exploding.

Understood. Do you know that for the last 15 years CGI animators have been warning me 2d is dead ?

: I also think he was paying traditional people like yourself with a complement. Try next time to not be so cynical sounding.

I'm actually trying to get him to see what has them so reluctant.

:I know "THE MAN" has got you down, but chill. Things will come back around. Also, being flippant with a fellow animator, especially one giving us important insights into a burgeoning industry isn't very productive.

Well I was addressing him not as a CGI animator but as a human. Hence the "use you feet on the keyboard " reference. The idea of change as being easy. It dealt with his frustration over the resistance and not a comment on his contribution. It's admirable to be helping those who want to make the switch but not helpful to those who don't. He asked the question "why" .

: : : I have a few "whys" which maybe somebody in this forum can answer me.
: : : But first let me say this.
: : : Please dont flame me for my english and second for being an Computeranimator.

: : : Why is it that traditionally trained animators are almost angry when I ask them to switch to an computer.

: : Imagine I asked you to use your feet to use the keyboard. You can do it but it may not be interesting to you.

: :
: : : I am traditionally trained and see a computer as an other tool to comunicate feelings emotions, stories and characters.
: : : Am I wrong? I need feeling and talent for form and timing here and there.

: :
: : No, does everyone have to animate your way ?

: : : So why can it be that I have on the one hand animators worried about the future of the feature animation business when an whole new industrie
: : : is evolving desperatly needing theire talents doing feature animation?

: : People fear anything new. It's kind of natural.

: :
: : : I and my company need this talents and I really didnīt care if they have a traditional background at the beginnig, but found out that
: : : these animators have by far the best feeling. There movements have a beauty I wont to see on the screen.
: : : And then has anybody considered ever comming to europe. I am only seated in Berlin and around us are all in all 6 Companys doing computer characteranimation with well
: : : over 400 Animators, and the need for animators with animation experience is growing steep. Are there animators in europe? no. We have almost no schools do train them
: : : but an exploding entertainment industry covering us with work.

: : : May be somebody can answer these Questions and sorry again for my english.

: : : Andreas Hoess
: : : Characteranimation Supervisor ID-TV

: :
: : As with any artform you must love what you do. I'm glad you found something you enjoy.

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