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Posted by Feature Animator on February 17, 2000 at 08:07:24:

In Reply to: Mary had a little lamb posted by Charles on February 16, 2000 at 17:02:19:

First of all, your tone is extremely insulting - I was under the impression that we were to respect other artists in this forum. You talk of brotherhood and artists fighting the good fight. How do you expect us to take these philosophies sincerely when your replies are so blatantly insulting?

Questioning my passion for the art of animation is an even greater offense. If you understood my post, I was merely commenting on how Kevin's account of the illustration industry in the 80s seemed to represent a lot of what is going on in the animation industry today.

I was not giving up and contrary to what most people think, adopting a defeatist attitude. I agree with you that the animation industry is changing and that it will become more of a "home-grown" business with artists in charge.

But as Kevin pointed out, without the mentoring system in place the quality WILL decline. Sure, there will be the few who are so naturally talented that they don't need any help. I've worked with a couple over the years.

But the majority of artists are not that gifted, or see that clearly, to create really beautiful art on their own without some kind of mentor helping to guide and develop their abilities. In fact, most don't even realize that they have much greater potential locked away inside them. Not that these people are any less of an artist - I obviously am one of them. But I guarantee you that I would not be as good as I am now without the mentors I have had.

Kevin simply asked what the state of affairs was in the animation industry. I merely offered my opinion that what happened to the illustration industry in the 80s seems to be happening in the animation industry today.

I fell in love with this art form 16 years ago. Every day since then, since I first cracked open that Illusion of Life, I have worked long and hard to become the animator I am today. Countless hours spent developing my craft, never accepting anything less that perfection.

And I'm still doing it today.

Now here's something to think about - and please take note that I'm not saying this as an attack - merely an invitation to a different viewpoint:

The illustration industry was destroyed by several self-employed artists with Macs and Photoshop. Simple designs created with stock photos created in half the time it took traditional artists...for half the price. All one has to do is go to the local movie theater and take a look at the "Coming Soon" one-sheets to see the results.

Does this business paradigm sound familiar? And again, I'm not saying that the animators that are working this way - the ones who are revolutionizing the industry - are any less of an artist than myself. But without that mentoring process, you are only as good as you can make yourself and the quality will almost certainly decline.

I am of the thinking that 1+1=3. That you can only truly realize your greatest potential when you work together with other artists. I've seen it happen and when it does, it is beautiful.

Shouldn't that be what we are working towards? Not painting each other as sheep?

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