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Posted by Dave B. on February 16, 2000 at 01:59:46:

In Reply to: Re: The "S" Word posted by Charles on February 15, 2000 at 15:29:56:

: "What Charles is ignoring is that the right to strike did nothing but give producers an
: excuse to send work to the rim or to any country they want."

: With all due respect, I'm not ignoring anything, Dave B. The right to strike has nothing to do with producers sending work overseas.

It gave them an excuse. Every time they threatened another series got shipped out. I got this from a mucky muck.

: If that's the case, they would have stopped doing it back in '82 when the no strike clause was introduced into the Union contract.

As I said Charles "it gave them an excuse". They were going to do the entire thing anyway. When didn't matter. The timing was just right. Your work stops getting done so what do you do ?

: At this moment, can the Union formally protest studio policies other than runaway production?

Actually, yes they can. They cannot vote to strike on it but there is nothing saying they cannot complain.

:No, it can't unless the Union wants to find itself in breach of this contract.

It can't run a meeting for a strike. As for talking out loud about it they sure as hell can.

: If you want to be part of a Union that compromises its power of protest, that's fine with me.

I want to be part of a union that deals with the reality of business and not the anger of the moment. The verbal 'power of protest" is always there. Always. The freedom of speech can not be revoked. The idea that ANY company can be strong armed into not seeking the cheapest labor is beyond reason and against the basis of all business . Creative alternatives must be the first options and strikes the last. Like you said it is the "S" word.

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