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Posted by edgar on February 15, 2000 at 14:32:11:

In Reply to: So is this the major trend in the business? posted by Kevin on February 15, 2000 at 13:38:44:

: So what's the scoop on this animation industry, is it another case of a vanishing species of American dinosaur that I've managed to miss out on, or does this type of thing cycle, and will animation be a strong career to be in in the next five years?

It has become evident over the past year that studios want to drive salaries down after artists finally got a chance at making a decent dollar. Sure there were problems with the salary Boom, meaning that some people simply because of market demand got way more than they would get normally. I was always a firm believer that you should be paid what you are worth based on experience and talent. But when I saw someone with 10 years experience make the same as someone with 2, then there is something wrong.

I have seen maybe 4 - 5 cycles in my career, but nothing quite like this. All the studios doing mass layoffs like they are because they feel there is now a glut of talent on the streets. That's fine and dandy, but there will be no continuity in production. They feel when they need to crew up, they will.

This is the most incredible time for animation, it's everywhere and continuing to grow, but we need more ma and pa shops to get original content back and less meddling by the suits. I think animation is cheapening,... the last film I worked on, stuff got crapped out for the sake of quota as the clipboard holders were breathing down our necks wondering where the scenes are. It is hard to do good work like that.

And hearing that OT is not being paid on one of Disney's current productions, what is the union going to do, hand out fines!

we deserve better than we are getting

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