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Posted by Luke on February 15, 2000 at 12:29:45:

In Reply to: Re: God, Flash, and American Anime posted by Charles on February 15, 2000 at 00:00:14:

did a bit of homework, eh? that's good. thanks
for the clarification. 'personal' beliefs have real
influence only if one cares enough to share them with
others. that's a bit like making a great film and
shelving it. sure, you have the knowledge, experience,
and abilities, but no real interest in showing it
to anyone. everybody else is on their own, as far as
sorting their own personal beliefs. why are there scholars
then? that is the only reason i stepped in at all.
and i really appreciate your response charles. as
petty as this whole thing has seemed, it may motivate
someone to think about WHY they believe WHAT they
believe. people who live by their convictions, and
don't vasilate are inherently able to influence others.
you have conviction about what your purpose is...
and it shows. good job!

with all due respect, this website, indeed, is not
the place to discuss these issues, UNLESS......ignorant,
misinformed people are throw erroneous information

: I don't like doing this, but I'll respond as a courtesy.

: First of all, this is not an appropriate forum for a theoligical debate. This is a web site dedicated to initiating a much needed change in an industry that many people feel passionately about. Also, especially after reading most of the comments on the subject of God, religion, etc., I don't believe that the people engaged in the conversation are open minded enough to discuss it rationally, nor are they qualified by virtue of the research that they've done. It is simply an exchange of emotionally charged personal opinions, completely subjective and biased, most of which are too absurd to waste time reading.

: I've done a lot of research into different philosophies, theologies, spiritual beliefs, so on, with as objective an attitude as possible. Without getting into my own personal beliefs, which are personal, Luke, I will say that the historical, archeological and spriritual merits of Christianity are compelling and that anyone who flipantly dismisses them are people whose arguement I usually don't take seriously.

: Mohammed had 14 wives, I believe. While the Koran permits believers to have as many as 4, as long as they are treated well and treated equally, Allah permitted the Prophet to have more. Probably because they were women who needed to be taken care of since their husbands died or for other reasons. Mohammed's last wife was quite young. A teenager in fact. Aside from his first wife who was quite a bit older than he was when they married, she was his favorite and nursed him as his health declined. He died in her arms asking God for pardon. If you want to know more, then you'll have to do the research yourself.

: By the way, since you are a Christian, you may be interested in knowing that The Koran clearly states that Jesus was the Messiah and that he was born of a virgin. It also states that Christians and Jews, (people of the Book) are to be left alone to worship God as they see fit, as long as they pay the tithe that Islamic law calls for.

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