Re: Am I dead?

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Posted by Jon on February 15, 2000 at 10:07:38:

In Reply to: Are you dead? posted by SNAKEBITE on February 15, 2000 at 02:37:39:

: In all honesty, I got to love someone first before I can hate them and besides I never said I hated them...

That sounds like a good policy to me.

: It just amazes me that these guys are constantly in positions of control, and then I hear out of your mouth that we should cut them some slack cuz they got tough decisions to make...ofcourse we all want to be in comfortable finacial situations but as we discussed in passed posts, one man makin 3million a year to essentially do a minimum ammount of work is WWWWAAAAYYYY beyond being comfortable and I think, in fact i know, he's not the only one and we, the artist or I should really speak for myself, I don't want a "high style" of livin', I just want precalculus things like rent being paid or food on the table or be able to pay the utilities on time or even go see a movie with my lady, you know CCCRRRAAAZZZYYY chit like that.

I think it's kind of like the beautiful woman - you wouldn't kick her out of bed. In the same way, when people lay a huge salary on you, it's hard to say "no." Yeah, it's a big mistake to give somebody that kind of money when they can't hold their stuff together. I just keep trying to look for reasons besides "inherent evil."

: :We ain't gonna take over this industry by force! We gotta do it with business sense!

: You know Jon lettin' people know whats really goin on or lettin' them know that they're not crazy for having the erge for stability in their career has nothing to do with force, ofcourse we have to do with business sense, when Im not planting bombs Im working out detailed Business Proposals...

Yer the best.

: :But you know, there is somebody ABOVE these idiots who really wants it to work ... but that person is probably afraid to go to the artists because of all the horror stories he (or she) has heard about animators: they eat their own, they hate anybody in a suit, they have no understanding of the business end of things, etc.

: You sure do have alot of excuses for these guys...look if that really is the case, stated above, then they got other serious high school issues to get over, I've never had a problem approaching someone in a position that requires a suit and I have a better understanding on the business then most, and they certainly don't like that cuz they can't talk to me like Im ignorant, and I never eat a fellow artist on the job...some things are better left for the home...Besides brotha' if these people have a tough time comunicating with the artists, maybe they should choose another career, cuz unfortunately thats who's makin' all that money they NEED so badly.

I totally agree with you, but based on KNOWING for a fact that they are idiots and we don't have the power to displace them, we have to look at new ways of getting around them. So tell me if you were an exec - even a good one - and you had heard about the reputation of artists, what would you do? Undoubtedly YOU would investigate the situation and open up the dialogue, but that's because you're Snakebite. These guys might need a little more "help" to arrive at the proper solutions. How do we get the proper solutions in front of them?

: :Don't you get sick of hating these guys all the time? I know it's easy to do ... OK, it can be FUN, too ... but still. We gotta move forward.

: Brotha I've moved forward and beyond, but I still haven't lost my passion...

: Just bein' the devil's advocate here, brother.

: Well its that time to pick sides, and I think the Devil has plenty on his.

I've picked sides, too. Forgive me if I keep my camoflage uniform ... know what I mean?

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