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Posted by Dave B on February 15, 2000 at 02:55:53:

In Reply to: Re: The "S" Word posted by sam on February 14, 2000 at 15:56:00:

: when a studio in manila is charging $7.50 per foot
: for animation thru clean-up, as well as ink and paint
: for one of the most prolific studios on the planet
: and top artists there are making good money (for the philipines)
: at 300US to 400US, how do we go about leveling the playing field?

This is what I have been trying to say all along Sam . You are totally correct. What Charles is ignoring is that the right to strike did nothing but give producers an excuse to send work to the rim or to any country they want. The companies that support American artists get screwed right along with the ones that don't. It wouldn't take someone with balls to stand up and strike but someone with the dillusion that it will do anything but cut the last lines of communication.
No one can compete with a country that has these kind of economic advantages. Salaries for the highest paid here can come down to ground zero (nonsurvivable) and still not be low enough. So what do you do ? There is only one answer to me. Become what they cannot. Better.

: of course there is always an obvious difference in the
: quality of the product, but many producer type folks
: are required to get the best bang for the buck. and
: the common animators who do the bulk of the work, not
: the elite, bear the brunt.

And the elite artists are used as some kind of weapon to attack the common. Like every dime they make is stolen.

: sounds like the union needs some seriously ingenuity
: behind it. do they have anyone in their ranks that
: has the balls to take a stand? i read that letter
: that steve hulett wrote to his california reps about
: the runaway production problems. that was pathetic!
: it had the obligatory tone to it. no real conviction
: behind it.

The ghosts of the past dictate a lot of this Sam. The carnage of the last strike still looms over the union. All pain, no gain and in fact total loss. The runaways aren't the problem, the producers are. The idea that they cannot tell the difference or don't care.

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