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Posted by Luke on February 12, 2000 at 22:04:16:

In Reply to: Re: God, Flash, and American Anime posted by Charles on February 12, 2000 at 20:06:27:

sorry that the discussion degenerated the way it did.
the lack of scholarship is not surprising though.

i was hoping for some intelligent responses to some valid
questions. it didn't happen. instead there was a stream
of conjecture, accusation, and misinformation. you didn't
need scholars to arrive at that conclusion.

my comments come from a christian perspective. that is
all. no pretense. personally speaking, my beliefs would
mean too much had i not opened all those books you previously
mentioned and at least pondered and did a bit of comparative study.
jesus' claims were/are radical. he meant what he said and what he
said tends to make some people very uncomfortable. everyone has
strongly held beliefs. when 'artists/animators' throw out erroneous
information, even on a website like this, should it be ignored? or
should it be censored? i don't think so. china has it's own 'state
religions'. that is an 'imposed belief'. in many parts of that country
other beliefs are not allowed, at least publicly. islam is a very harsh
religion. i have lived with practicing muslims. they have shared their experiences
and they live in this country now. hmmm. maybe there is something to that.
i don't have to be an expert on islam to question why many things
in that country are censored, especially art. mohammed had how many
wives? and how many concubines? and the anatomy of women is not allowed to
be seen in public? what's up with that? when's the last time you saw
a good nude life drawing come directly out of iran or iraq? what would
a life drawing class be like over there? men and women there, and you can be sure,
i discussed this with both sexes, have exactly the same hormone count
that we do here. and some of them have actually 'misbehaved' too.
we are all human. i can't and won't try to 'prove' beyond all reasonable doubt
my personal beliefs. it can't be done. but the 'validity' of what i believe
can, and is measured by what else is out there.

i don't need to defend christianity. it clearly stands on it's
own merits and historical context and authority. nor do i, or
anyone else need to bash individuals who have others beliefs.

ultimately, god (the original animator) knows the hearts and minds of every
one of us. thanks for letting some of the individuals involved 'digress' and
discuss these 'unrelated' topics on this website. none of us may see
it, but it'll make a positive difference to someone out there. i
can't prove that. but i believe it. how about you?

i'll go away now.


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