The Damned/The Divine/ and lil BITE

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Posted by SNAKEBITE on March 17, 2000 at 13:34:36:

In Reply to: Re: The Damned/The Divine posted by Sheepie on March 17, 2000 at 10:08:46:


: I have seen it happened. As a matter of social history the oppressed become the oppresser once in power.

...I hear ya'...

: Well here is my problem, some of them do love it. It is the only control they have ever had in their lives. Any personality defect and they lose it. The curse of power is that people do abuse it. Icons once thought unncorruptable make decisions based totally on ego. It takes a VERY centered person to use it right.

Yes they do love the power, but what I was sayin is that they have no love for the industry we're in, other than the power of their lil' peepee problems.


: It isn't about intelligence Snakebite. It is about keeping an eye on ourselves. Questioning our own motives and establishing a basis for what our goals really are. Who they address. Something that can be refered to without prejudice reguardless of who the artist is or who the exec is.

..and thats not about intelligence?...Look I totally agree with you, I guess since Im around people that already think that way, what I say on this board is based already on that way of thinking...

: : ...thats exactly why you should, just because one falls dosen't mean you have to follow...

: No but I think it is important to establish this . I'm not here to empower one individual and get him a job. I'm here to see the art raised back to the control of artists. I'm not here to see some bitter , angry people take revenge. I don't accept the attitude that this is just about employment. Just getting jobs. It is far deeper than that.

...ofcourse its deeper than that,we've never tried to deny that, the way I see it, art is my life and im very passionate about my life , as Im sure you are as well. All of us in this industry need to take this personal and as a individual if you help empower one with knowledge and even a job, than the cycle can begin. You can't wait for everything to fit your criteria, it starts with one.

: :
: : :If this isn't about caring about everyone getting working, then it is about no one. I'm really tired of the "me me me" thing. If we aren't together on this then they own us one hundred percent.

: : ...try not to focus on the people "for" Babel, there will always be those who don't get it, but the many who do see it will create the new generation, and with that they can never own us one hundred percent, and they never did...can you dig it?

: Yeah. I totally do. The new generation deserves to a chance to not be driven by just anger. Anger , self defeat and apathy are the managements sole weapons of control.

...Anger, with knowledge leads to clarity not apathy...Ignorance leads to frustration, which can be mistaken for anger, thus leads to apathy and manipulation, this can give anyone control over you....see, Im very angry, but it does not cloud the truth or make me lose feeling...

Confucius said," Learn a lot, eliminate the doubtful, and speak discreetly about the rest; then there will be little blame. See a lot, eliminate the perilous, act prudently on the rest; then there will be little regret. when your words are seldom blamed and your actions seldom regretted, employment will be there."

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