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Posted by SNAKEBITE on March 11, 2000 at 02:47:45:

In Reply to: Still trying to clarify things posted by Kevin on March 11, 2000 at 01:02:55:

...When did i say anything about a strike, I don't have any basses to call for a strike or to push people into thinkin a strike is neccessary,don't say I emplied it, when i said I couldn't believe there was a no strike clause ,I meant just that, i was just sayin that THAT makes no sense, its a Union, thats what they have the right to do, who decides its the right time to threaten a strike, the excecs?

I appreciated all the info, though, alot I was already aware about, the theories behind the union and whats in writing that is, but never the less,it was vital information.

I don't need to be in a union shop to know what goes on. There are plenty of brethren out there that are and i "see" what happens to them. And when it comes to the issue of an artist havin stabilty in his job, aside from being under qualified, he/she should not fear termination over a small peepee problem that the excecs might have, and As much as i love Jon and what he does, you SHOULD be able to find more stabilty in WB, Disney or any of the other big corporations, then a smaller company like his, a tour of duty is nothing new to me. Im not talking about handin out jobs just because you're a member, c'mon man, thats lookin at it in a extreme way. Ofcourse you need to be qualified, but What about all these layoffs, is it because there were so many artists that weren't cuttin the mustard, was it becuase that the animation market is doin sssssso poorly, weres the union, again what are the dues payin for(that was rhetorical,I don't need a line from the Pegbar). If you stand on your own two feet in negotiations, then that contract you sign, with legal representation, will protect you union or non-union,right?, I certainly do not trust everything I hear, but in the situations that i shared with you, there was no point in goin back and sayin "you guys were lyin, so stop being jerks and hire me", I know how to take a hint...they just didn't want me to steel their women..hehehe...but in any case you educated me on some issues, you can make it 91% of non-union artist,I have limited interest cuz' at this point I don't see the need, its always seems to get in the way, for me... but you said it yourself,two feet, I can represent myself, Im quite aware of my selfworth , I don't put Godly faith in any instatution, and as far as it being Satan, well, whatever works for the individual...and I don't look at something like a union as part of the landscape, more like a fossil fuel, its needed to feed the machine and if it becomes absolete as far as efficiency, then another always takes its place, not so much a whole new union in this case, but a new way.

Keep bringin the education, it is appreciated...for i am just a humble servant to the cause, and if i am going to serve the cause i MUST do my due diligence, thank you.

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