Re: American animation just hasn't cut it.

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Posted by Sheepie on March 10, 2000 at 11:41:00:

In Reply to: Re: American animation just hasn't cut it. posted by Kiko on March 10, 2000 at 10:35:41:

: As far as Feature Animation, Content wise--maybe I could agree with you. I wish there were more Iron Giant's out there. Prince of Egypt failed because it held back too much and ended up being a pale Disney clone.

Uh, exactly how is that ? Name the last Disney Bible Story. And it was hardly a failure. It made over 200 million world wide so exactly how is that a failure ? That was before the DVD/tapes, who knows what it is now.

:Antz was a rip off of A Bug's Life.

Excuse me ? Did you even see the two films ? No one who has ever claims this. Except for the Pixars propaganda only the fact they are bugs supports your claim. Try knowing what you are saying before you make these silly statements.

:But if you want to compare American Feature content with Japanimation content, there's no comparison: AMERICAN FILMS CAN AT LEAST TELL A COHERANT STORY! I'm not saying every one has to be the same (and I wish they didn't) but even the great Miazaki Mononoke was a miserable film.

(Miyasaki) Was hardly a miserable film. Perhaps by your rubber hose standards but not by the average persons.

:Looked cool, but most Japanese friends of mine (I'm American/Japanese) said that even in Japanese, they couldn't understand what the hell was going on.

I guess he missed his audience. Too bad it went platinum in Japan (164 million, oh I guess that is just another failure to you). Someone understood.

: BUT AS FAR AS HOW THEY LOOK: Every Disney feature since "Mermaid" has had a different style. The characters and backgrounds meld seamlessly, though in recent efforts, the brilliant technique and top notch animation has only revealed how weak the stories have really become.

"Seamlessly "? Not exactly.Disney is no ideal of perfection. They make huge mistakes just like everyone else. Did anyone else feel the designs in Tarzan were uneven ? I loved Tarzan the characters design but the others were a bit off that style.Not bad , but not exactly unified. I feel you have just absorbed what you have been told.

: I wish the stories would keep up with the talent that's at Disney. El Dorado looks shakey--veryone who's seen it says it's amazing to look at, but boring as F__K.

Hmm, sounds exactly like Disney. Great animation, poor story. So what else is new ?

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