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Posted by animation101 on March 10, 2000 at 00:45:22:

In Reply to: Re: C'mon Charles posted by Charles on March 09, 2000 at 12:44:17:

: I understand where you're coming from, my anonymous friend, but I have to post some kind of disclaimer. I can't force anyone to show up if they're uneasy about it or if they feel threatened by walking out on their jobs. Those that are employed, that is.

: If artists in power don't want to come out in support of their colleaugues and associates, there's nothing much that I can do. It's a choice they make. A disappointing one, but their prerogative none the less. I'm not going to pander to them or beg them to show up. Let them be sheep.

: All I ask is that if they don't plan on coming, to please pass the word about the meeting. I'm promoting this entirely by word of mouth and I can use their help in informing everyone about it.

: I can promise you this - that as the date of the event gets closer, I'm going to let anyone sitting on a fence about this verbally have it. And after it's over, if they fail to show up, they shouldn't plan on receiving the same respect from me or the others who attended that I'm showing now.

: By the way, 101 - will you be there?

Charles, thank you for your respectful response. I will be there. I will pass the information on to my fellows in the industry I hope many will choose to attend. I can't think of any who do not agree with you and the others of like-mind who participate here. I've just spent the evening with a large number of our colleges. None are doing well, most are approaching a half year of unemployment, many even longer. I know of many who have given up and gone on to other things at half the wages they were earning. They all agree with you and what you are trying to do. Don't withhold your respect from these people they've earned it.
Those that attend your April 3rd meeting are the core group of your movement. Treating the rest will little or no respect will only assure that all you'll have is that core group.

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