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Posted by SNAKEBITE on March 09, 2000 at 15:50:23:

In Reply to: Re: C'mon Charles posted by animation 101 on March 09, 2000 at 08:09:29:

: : As I reiterated last year and as I'm reiterating again this year, if you are concerned about being fired from your job, then don't come.

: : The only thing I ask is if you don't show up, then do those who will be attending a big favor and keep your gripes and your whines to yourself. I for one am tired of listening to whimpering artists for the past 20 years.

: Charles,

: I don't think that your position is fair in the regards of people afriad to loose employment. Too many have already. Witness the recent 101 Dalmations layoffs. Fear of firing by the soul-less, IQ-less execs that so many here write about is more real now than ever before. Please re-consider your stance in this reguard.

Whats up 101, why don't you catch up with the 1A people, Freshman year is over...i like How you conviently focused on a quote used out of context...if you read it all you would've notice that C was being sensitive to people in the industry and the fears that go threw their heads...besides do you listen to what you're saying...EVERYONES GETTING FIRED ANYWAYS, WITHOUT ANYONE TAKIN' A STAND...DAMN, I DON'T GET YOU PEOPLE...listen if you continue to lead the career that most are livin, out of fear of losin' your job in a industry where in any case you fear is already a reality, what do you have to lose...i know i would be kickin myself if I played "Mr. Keep My Mouth Shut In Order to Keep My Job" only to get the pink slip over something I created by not reacting.

Confucius said "Study without thinking, and you are blind; think without studying, and you are in danger."...in other words wake up and smell the coffee.

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