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Posted by SNAKEBITE on September 28, 1999 at 16:20:50:

Its amazing, all of Charles' points that he had submitted in his last message "The Call"
were backed up by this "Milker" fellow. Which path is going to be for us, the high road or the low, which obviously has been taken by my
good friend. What a waste of time.
I've been down here in Southern California for about seven years, I loaded my car up with all my belongings to work for Image Comics as a color stylist and did so for about three years. I moved on to another comic company by the name of Verotik, then head first into the relm of freelance.

I was fortunate enough to meet a Brotha'
like Philip J. Felix, who I look to as a mentor, who loved me enough to show me different doors of understanding and opportunity, which led to many new experiences.

It didn't take long, after my time in comic publications, that I arrived in the world of animation. Philip was Art Directing a animation adaptation of a Malaysian political comic strip called "Kampung Boy" produced by Frank Saperstein. I didn't know it then, but myself and the other artist , Kieth Wong The Great, who were hired for the preproduction
of this show, were part of proving a master point.That the "traditional" way of production was not the most efficient, and we did. We completed the development and preproduction for about 23 half hour episodes
in about a year and six months. We also had a small elite team(4) for the production management angle, who were very efficient. During this time our team also arranged development for new properties
and animated a commercial spot for UNICEF called "War Babies", Which won a silver plaque at th 1998 Chicago Television Festival. Everything went smooth with the exception of the left over Dinosaur excecutives. Never the less a point was still made. A show with a budget of 120k per episode(Kampung Boy), a small efficient team,with little to no excecutive supervision, when going head to head in competition with other shows that reach budgets of up to a million an episode, ended up being the winner at the 1999 ANISE International Film Festivalfor best new animated series.

This point was not made to pat the backs of the people who worked on these projects, although I would like to take this opportunity to do so..CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!!!
...but is to scare the Dinosaur excecutive into evolving into a new realization, for we all know what happened to the last bunch of dinosaurs.

Since then I've been blessed with the exposure to other great artists, and recently
colored the animated segments of the lastest KORN video as well as doing numberous projects and jobs with very talented individuals.

We have been consistantly used and abused by the "Pimps" of the industry. As artists its hard to put economic value on what we do, but I know this for sure, I'm no "Bitch" and I'm sick of seeing others getting slapped around because they don't know any better. We are an adaptive force that can learn the monkey's way with not even breaking a sweat, can they do what we do?,WHY DO WE DEPEND ON THEM....we're a product of their early efforts towards "programing" us into the future, thats my take, but its failing...this is the true Y2K, complete system failure... they've turned us against each other for long enough ,there's plenty to go around...lift up a Brotha', don"t step over him.

Recently I've been a part of a school that encourages those thoughts within its superstructure.The Animation Academy is an enviroment that empowers a Brotha' or a Sista' with highball fundementals and supports the belief system that all of us Artist have in common, ideals we already know
but have been smothered by who ever you want to blame, but it can only be someone eles' fault for so long untill the finger comes back to you. So go hame, get some love from your family, take a walk, get some air, drink some water, do what you need to do to get your head together, cuz you already know what needs to be done....EVOLUTION!!!...(that was for my dear friend milker)..This has been my two cents and a dime.-SNAKEBITE

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