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Posted by Charles on September 24, 1999 at 03:13:40:

Living in Los Angeles gives one a unique perspective on modern society because in many ways, the society out here is so sick. It's not my intention to get into a disertation about this town. Suffice it to say that as of last Monday, according to a national poll disclosed on the local news, this city now has the much deserved distinction of having the rudest drivers in the country. No surprise to anyone living out here and trying to practice what was once common courtesy.

After reading the article brought to our attention by Jon and seeing the significance of Iron Giant to the point the author was making, I am compelled to reach out to my fellow artists with this admonishment.

I believe that it is the moral obligation of all true artists to not only entertain, but to help lead society into the future. We define the times and set the stage for what will follow.

So what's your vision? Is it nihilistic, defeatist grunge or is it empowerment? Is it futility and negativity or is it limitless potentiality? Is it material subjectivity or is it spritual objectivity? Is it accepting mediocrity or striving for excellence?

Is it defeat or is it victory? Is it weakness or is it strength? Is it stagnation or growth? The shadow of lies or the light of truth?

We are communicators. We are educators. We are leaders. We are healers. We are movers and shakers. The work we do influences entire generations. As animation artists, our work can touch countless lives. Our work can inspire a child for life. Our work can affect the emotional development of a human being. Families turn to us to make them smile. The world turns to us to watch our dreams, to see through the windows we cut into other worlds.

Look at the job that the corporate media elite have done. Take a look at the mess they've been instramental in creating. For the first time in history, we've got an opportunity to say something to the world without this trash telling us what to do, what to say, how to say it and how to make it look.

The emerging media of choice for the next generation is not television. It is the Internet. Look at Blair Witch. Widespread familiarity with the film before any television advertising was initiated.

We live in extraordinary times. How will you use your power of communication? Are you going to buy into the dumbing of America like our corporate competition and the deadbeats who pride themselves on the dynamics of their stupidity, or are you going to go forth into the future on the wings of a higher ideal? Are we going to sell out another generation like these pinstriped monkeys would have us do or are we going to fight back?

The choice is entirely up to you and I and all the men and women who are studying animation, preparing for the brave new world of the new media. I say leave a great legacy to inspire and enlighten the generation that will follow.

This man's opinion, respectfully submitted.

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