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Posted by SNAKEBITE on December 27, 1999 at 12:44:56:

Happy Holidays from the den of the snake. This has been a most exciting year for me, although I've made jack, financially, in the last two years since I've decided to work for the underground, I'm the richest ever.

Eduction has a way of keeping a brotha' sane and to know, threw this board, that there are others with the same desires makes me warm inside...and speaking of warm, when the ball drops and the chaos starts just look to the west for the brightest fire, that will be me signaling all you true brotha's and sista's where to go for freedom....by the way if you want to get really technical the beginning of the new century is 2001 or if you want to get really really technical since the predictions of Nostrodamus the Gegorian calender has been updated two more months, it use to be only 10 months in a year so you can say the new century was about 6 years ago, or you can say since Jesus was actually born around 5B.C. the new century was about 5 years ago and since other cultures like the Jewish culture are going on 5760 and the Muslems are going on 1498 theres really no reason for this Y2K thing other than monkey boy tactics...monkey boy tactics...thats about the only thing you can count on New Years eve so be carefull and hope to read you on the board next year.

All thanks to Charles for the things he has shared with all of us and the support he has shown us all......
... TO PROSPERITY IN THE NEW YEAR....and to paying the rent.

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