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Posted by SNAKEBITE, from left field all the way home. on December 20, 1999 at 02:05:24:

In Reply to: Re: FULLY-BAKED EXPECTATIONS! posted by Jon on December 18, 1999 at 07:51:39:

: : ...Well then, lean on the director, if all the artists have the same concerns and nothing is resolved, who's fault is it then...this is part of the evolution that is the revolution, artists full participation in the development of the property that he/she is working many times have you worked on something that you loved, so that later you can tell everyone "it looked alot better in production" and hated saying it....and the reason you hated saying it was 'cuz in the back of your head you knew ultimately the final product reflects on the people who worked on being one of them...

: My experience over the years has caused my attitude to evolve (? or at least change) from being a maverick animator to one who realizes the irreplaceable value of a strong & talented director. Like a symphonic conductor, he or she coordinates the efforts of the artists under his/her direction .... otherwise, the artists produce a cacophony without artistic value, without beauty. What is needed is direction, motivated by a singular vision.

: That's what made Iron Giant great, based on accounts I've heard. Bird knew what he wanted, and knew how to communicate that to his artists. A true maestro! He fought for the artistic integrity of his film. His artists simply did their respective jobs (and yes, did them well).

My staement obviously has nothing to do with Mr. Bird... but if projects like the kind that W.B. has the opportunity to create are running into the problems that we are talking about and the kind that I can imagine, than I think someone didn't take their balls out of the jar that morning and its time for the rest of the team to come in. Ofcourse a project needs an astablished leader, a captain if you will, but if your captain wanted to use sails when the rest of the fleet were using motors, only to save money on gas to put in his pocket for his own personal yacht with bimbos and some strawberry champange, ( I know that was reaching, but get what Im saying ) you'd have some issues now wouldn't you...shouldn't you?

Passion, if you were passionate about the vision, as "singular" as it initially was, you would be open to "how many" it takes to complete it .

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