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Posted by Glen on December 18, 1999 at 16:29:52:

In Reply to: Re: Mucking up the muckymucks who know. posted by Jon on December 17, 1999 at 15:35:46:

: Dave, I know this might be close to the bone ... but what happens if Osmosis bombs? Do you think the Farrelly brothers and Bill Murray are going to love animation if the unthinkable happens?
: I just hope Warners is learning as you say they are.

Bill Murray, and the Farrelly brothers are doing this as a favor to Warners (either they owe them one, or they're trying to get a deal set up there). Warners lack of faith that a good story might just carry an animated film is showing. STARS do NOT make movies. THEY WILL NEVER LEARN! Why SHOULD they? It's under different management since Iron Giant was released (an accountant and a marketing exec). The stars will walk off with millions of dollars from salary and back end profits, while the animation staff stews in the poo that has been laid upon them. Tom Hanks is GREAT in Toy Story, but don't think for a second the character was re-written for him (it wasn't--although he was in mind when the character was being created). He's a pro, and not tweaking it the way some stars might (read "Adventures in the Screen Trade) only exposes what a truly multitalented and disceplined actor he is. They didn't drag him in to save what might be percieved as a bad story. I'm not saying that Osmosis Jones has a bad story--I have NO idea...I'm saying that when it comes to making an animated feature, the ignorance, inexperience and lack of patience tends to make muckitymuck exectutives nervous. WHY would they want to believe anyone from animation might actually know what they're doing? They don't spend their evenings hobnobbing with the stars or getting vitamin B injections inbetween lunch meetings on the company tab. The executive's insecurities are amplified by the amount of FORTHOUGHT it takes to make one of these suckers. But what they're most concerned with is their next job! Or getting fired... THESE FUCKING EXECUTIVES think it's EASY to make a cartoon! Sit THEM down at a drawing table with a 4B Pencil.
Forgive the rant. I've seen this happen too many times. I'm gonna have a drink and calm down...

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