Toastie vs Evil Outsiders

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Posted by Dudley Do Right on August 30, 1999 at 04:18:21:

: Does anyone out there in the great forum on Animation think there are too many work visas
: for foriegn animators?

In other words, does anyone think that a company should be forced to use Toastie ? Tell us Toastie, where can we see your portfolio so that we can compare it to these inferior imports .

: I think it is tough getting work as an animator.

It depends on how good you are.

: I think there are a lot of US companies who have
: gotton work visas for Canadians, Brits, Germans,
: Australians, and so on.

There aren't that many but the real question is WHY. Please answer that for us Toastie.

I think visas should be
: issued when studios absolutely cannot find US
: workers to fill these spots.

Apparently, they couldn't.

But I think this
: has gone too far and now we have a lot of US
: animators waiting tables while foriegn animators
: keep working.

Waiting tables ? Do you think these people were brought here because you are lazy and didn't apply ?

: Does anyone agree or disagree?

I disagree with your premise, not the discussion. I think there should be a discussion on it.

I think this can
: and should be disgussed.

I think we should discuss that and see how good you are. I think that seems to be the question. The cost of bringing in talent isn't small and they are being paid equally with their US counterparts so you must address WHY.

But please don't get
: me wrong there is a time for these visas but I
: think they should be carefully done and done
: with a little more concern for the US animator first.

: -Toastie

So because YOU weren't there to fill the job you blaime companies for looking outside the US. Perhaps you would just like to pick one of these evil devils to fire so that you can replace them . Who cares how good you are, right ? This isn't an American vs Outside animators issue. Toastie, this is a Toastie vs people he is jealous of issue. If you are that good you should have no problem finding work. You cannot be unprepared for a job and then blame those who were. Explain to us Toastie how a talented person like yourself isn't working.

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