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Posted by Charles on December 10, 1999 at 13:40:17:

In Reply to: Re: Tom Sito posted by Extra Crunchy on December 10, 1999 at 09:10:36:

I'd like to remind everyone once again.

Tom Sito volunteers his time as president of the Union. The entire executive board of Local 839 is made up of animation artists who volunteer their time. While the people who man the Union's office during business hours are IATSE employees, everyone else is working pro gratis. If I am mistaken about this, then someone please correct me.

All of the people who see fit to bash Tom Sito, where were you on the afternoon of April 1, 1999? How many of you could have showed up but didn't because of some lame excuse.

Tom was there even though he knew that he was going to get it from every angle from angry Union members.

You may not agree with Sito about certain issues, you may not agree with many of the things he writes about or the position he takes in his monthly column in the Pegboard, but he certainly deserves much more respect than most people give him. And this is coming from a stalwart independent.

The proper, professional thing to do is to approach Tom about this issue involving the employment of a non-union artist in a civil, level headed and respectful way. He'll certainly be sensitive to your objections and do what he can to rectify the situation.

If you are a Union member and are unhappy with the way things are in the organization, you can change it. Union members can do anything they want to do with the Union. You can make it anything you want it to be. When your leaders ask for help year after year and you consistently leave them high and dry, don't grumble when they do things or adopt policies that you're not in agreement with or disapprove of.

The animation artists are going to inherit their own industry, so we might as well start establishing our policies for the future right now. That goes for independents, non-unioners and Unionites. If you're not happy with Tom's leadership, then elect a new president. I'm sure he wouldn't mind taking some time off from being the brunt of everyone's frustration. If you elect him for another term, then give him the support he needs to be effective.

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