Tom Sito

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Posted by ProUnion on December 10, 1999 at 03:22:55:

Name me one new artist that in starting for a union company WASN'T non-union. Are we supposed to exclude all non-union artists or are we supposed to get them into the union ? You see, I guess I didn't understand the idea of a union ARBUCKLE . I thought they were for artists to join, not to be excluded from. Did you see this as an exclusive club ? A "members only" occasion ? How the heck did you get in ? Were you born into a union before you got a job at a union company ? This last few years we watched the membership swell and they must have come from some place ? Hiring all these non-union artists that joined must have been a Holocaust to you then since you see hiring a "not yet union" employee as criminal.
Now lets get down to brass tacks. Stop the crap. What the hell is wrong with you ? Are you doing another Clinton smear job here or what ? Tom Sito is the best union president we have had PERIOD!

He has been attacked over Warner's attempts to farm out work even though it is an aspect that he has no control as a director. NONE!!! You can be sure he voiced his opinion (which of course is totally PRO UNION) but in the end it is not his company or his money. Even knowing that, I DO NOT HEAR ANY OF YOU APOLOGIZING FOR FALSELY BLAMING HIM ?!?!? No, you only seem to have the energy to put in when there is a knife in your hand.

I put it out here once that I was a looking for those people here who would quit their jobs to make a pro union statement and the answer I got back was "we need the job". Show me where any of you quit to make a company totally "union members only". Until you are ready to put YOUR job on the line to have your elite membership only club I think it is less than honorable to ask Tom to sacrifice his lively hood for unenforceable ideal. I am pretty upset by these attacks on him and I find them TOTALLY ignorant and unappreciative of what Sito HAS done for the Union. You are treating the unions best friend like an enemy.

Six years ago when I started at Disney I was not yet union but I was happily looking forward to joining. I asked how I joined and they said "don't worry, the union will find you". And they did. One of the reasons I really wanted to join was Tom. As an artist he is well balanced, honest and incredibly humble and I see it in everything he does. He does his job in putting forward the sane face of the union while advancing union agenda. One that invites participation, not alienation.

The idea you have called his actions "criminal" makes us all in the union look stupid and divided. Bravo. Well done. I challenge you to run for the union presidency ARBUCKLE because if you think your reactionary smear job is constructive in any way I look forward to you learning the truth. I would love to see you in this position under the same circumstances. Watching you squirm as you have to retract everything you said would at least be justice.

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