Fantasia 2000

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Posted by BabaBooey on December 07, 1999 at 23:21:17:

Well, Disney has some balls. Like the original Fantasia, the new one is kitsch from hell, and it's just as erratic as the original. Still, some of the work is amazing--talk about taking some chances. Flame me if you will, but since the WHOLE PURPOSE of this film is to experiment, hats should be taken off to Roy Disney for bringing this project to completion. Parts of it are REALLY inspired, and some less so. But all of it is artistically astounding from a technique point of view (like the original). The ONLY beef I have is that the Tin Soldier piece is set to Shostakovich music, and while the image AND the music are great, they never quite "tie" together--the art never once felt connected to the music. It's all CG, and NOT in the way you might expect. Really beautiful. The Donald Duck/Noah's Ark sequence is exactly what you'd expect--but WHY did they lash the 5 Elgar Pomp and Circumstance marches together in such a slapdash way?? There are PLENTY of pieces of music that might have worked better!! Firebird is probably the best of the whole show. Rhapsody in Blue and Carnival of the Animals both are REALLY great. Pines of Rome with the flying whales is just plain bizarre--but even then, some of the indvidual images are beautiful. Beethoven's 5th is interesting. The whole show must have been a BITCH to work on! Well, it's done. Here's hoping they finally do what Walt originally planned, and do a piece every few years, rather than cram a whole new show into a few years. It'd be a great incentive for the artists, and provide fresh artistic and technical challenges to prove new "looks" for Disney to continue to explore. Great work---and to the artists who worked on the film, don't be discouraged by the mixed review and the (probably)following "flames" to my post. IT'S AN EXPERIMENT!

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