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Posted by Dave on December 05, 1999 at 03:47:02:

In Reply to: Re: A little Present posted by Tiff on December 04, 1999 at 11:04:05:

: How can this be substantiated if artists aren't allowed on that floor? How could you possibly know about this? Is this just another rumor or what? Because if its real, I'm so pissed off, I'm quitting animation and selling insurance.

Two things. One, it's real. Two, don't quit. That is exactly what these people want. People like you who are rational and have self respect to just throw up their hands and walk away . To have you think you are powerless. You are not.

; Why do we continually get treated like cattle?

As Hitchcock said "I didn't say actors should be treated like cattle,I said they are cattle".But then he was also the first to recognize ability.Jimmy Stewart MADE a lot of his films and they would have been less without him.

More important is what you know you are. That is what the basis of your career is going to depend on that. You must make yourself steel against those who seek to dehumanize or catagorize you. It is something you will face over and over again in your career. Too many people will tell you what you are, or what you cannot do. It is up to you to smile stare into their faces and go do what you know you can do. Without faith in yourself you will always be prey to others opinions.

: I find it very depressing that this is one of the lowest points of unemployment in American history, yet several of my friends, really amazing artists, can't find work anywhere. Why don't these executives have any conscience towards quality, towards hiring the best artists and paying them what they are worth??!!

Well an exec at Warners said this was Warners plan. To flood the market to drive down prices. Problem was that it only hurt new artists. It is not new and you must know that I am old enough to have been there where periods of no jobs were common despite the people being incredibly talented. I was told to get out of the biz and that animation was dead. This is where you all have to decide how much being in this art means to you. If it really is what you want to do than you must be prepared for the low spots. All of the older animators here have been through the same thing. All of us.

So, what did we all do when this was our plight ? Prepare, draw, take crappy jobs, do things for little or no money, draw, plan, scrimp. No, it's not pretty and it is depressing at moments, but, when the time comes and you get a chance to do work you consider worthy it is all worth it. The pain, the being underestimated, miscast or payed poorly is small compared to the joy of being part of something special or working with people you admire. I know, it requires a lot of faith. I'm not sure what to say.

Ok, here is my ancient memory kicking in. My neice Amanda (whom I love more than life itself) was visiting and we were all sitting talking. Talking about her future and what was ahead. I felt this rush of protectivness run through me and I wanted to spew all the thing I knew about how to survive all the things that life throws at you. As the first words of golden experience were just traveling through my teeth I suddenly stopped and I finally saw that nothing I could say could prepare her for the things ahead. Nothing. There is nothing guarrentied in life so the only test and building of your resolve to move forward can come through experiencing life in it's entire spectrum. Including those down moments where everything feels like a conspiracy. No one can give you a short cut past it to the easy road. Even if they love you without end. No matter how talented. Your only defense against the people who treat you badly or lifes injustice is your own honest opinion of yourself and your willingness to go after what you want. I promise you this, if you love what you do you cannot be stopped. Do not expect people to understand . Do not expect them to care. That is the fire that only you can carry. And to survive you must. It will serve you well in moments where things are not fair.

: I'm so tired of being used!!!!!!

: (Thanks for letting me rant -- and please, just one word about this "major" animation studio - rodent, fish, or rabbit?)

Ummm. You will find that thinking in almost every studio. Animators will always have that misconception to deal with. If I were an exec without creative ability I might try to find a way to make myself feel important. Let those who need that kind of sad joke live their lives in that ignorance and pay no mind. That Tiff is the true justice. I apologize for the rant myself.

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