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Posted by Dave on September 15, 1999 at 01:23:10:

In Reply to: Re: The Example. posted by Jon on September 14, 1999 at 09:46:21:

I totally understand what both you and Charles are saying . The need to work isn't a small one. I am frustrated by the situation . Yes, it can be made more cheaply, the point is it can be made more cheaply anywhere than here. If = the idea is just to produce product then what is the point ? Why not just ship it all out ? Why create these "faux" shows. They sort of look like they are animated but dont deliver much more than movement. Incoherent movement.

Perhaps I am too removed from TV animation. That direction is the sole TV animation need. With PowerPuff girls up for an Emmy I think that it shows that TV animation can not only be advertiser worthy but money making. If production companies treat it (as they usually have) like the blacksheep of TV then they can expect the interest of only the most bored viewers. I think it can be so much more. Till the Simpsons/Ren And Stimpy it was formula.

: I'm confused about the politics, too, but then I'm not in LA.

: I think the point we're trying to make is, it CAN be made more cheaply if we eliminate administrative waste, not lowering animators' wages.

I agree. My problem is that is like a small snort of cocaine to an already drugged mind. Will they actually produce here with the money or pocket it for more profit. Is RugRats being animated here ? No. Despite the incredible success the continue to farm out.

: And in a capitalist system, businesses always have not only the right but the obligation to make as much profit as they can. And profits don't only come from increased sales - they come from decreased costs. A penny saved really IS a penny earned. That's just the way it is. So if I want 10 bucks for my services, and you are willing and able to do the same thing for 5 bucks ... where's the choice? It's a free country. Frankly, right now, I need the work.

Agreed. Problem is that as Charles says, this becomes what represents the work. They claim the audience cannot tell the difference but the truth is it is the executives that can't.

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