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Posted by Dave on December 03, 1999 at 02:08:28:

In Reply to: Re: Hey Sam! posted by Ossie on December 02, 1999 at 17:38:34:

: I partially agree with Dave Brewster. Over-picky is one thing, but if you have a show that has a great story and great characters, and everyone feels invested in it, things tend to go more smoothly.

I definately agree with you Ossie. My discussion with Jon was actually based more on long distance feature work (since that is the majority of what I had done) but I felt it still applied to a lot of the series stuff as well . You make a great point about quality though. My fave series right now is PowerPuff Girls and while it may not be the fullest it is incredibly well done and effective.

:Of course, being "invested" in a project means keeping it around. I've worked in TV both here and in Taiwan--and know full well people tend to care less when things are shipped out with little control at the other end. And being at the other end, it sucks getting half-baked model packets, storyboards, and layouts--only to be criticized later for the crappy work done overseas. (BTW--chances are if the story is great, and there's a limited budget, resources, and schedule--chances are they'll be more willing to be "less finicky" because great full animation is a luxury--but it's not needed to tell a great story). But, Dave Brewster is a most amazing animator.

Bless you for saying that . That was very kind. And you a very correct about "the worse the series the more finicky". The trouble is American studios are struggling with getting any work so the choices are not open to pick work. Jon is working against the misconception (even that stupid "Creative Financing" suggested) that work cannot be done here. If Jon is correct and as of 97 the Canucks have actually allowed US films to be tax rebated it could be pretty serious economic disadvantage as well (I really want to know what those figures are because it is also something that in my mind goes totally against the Free Trade Act "no subsides" clauses and Americans (aka the Union) should pursue it legally with a vengence). Many years ago under a similar conditions wine subsides to Canadian wine makers were killed under just such an agreement by the Europeans.

What seems nuts is that for years companies used the Union as a scape goat to say they demanded too much , now here is a nonunion studio that is willing and able to work and they are saying the same thing ? HEY! I GUESS IT WASN"T THE FRICKEN UNION WAS IT! Companies do what they "think" is cheapest because they are in competition with others who will if they won't. They seem blissfully unaware that it may not be true at all.

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