Re: Praise for Toy Story 2 but not for LBM

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Posted by A Bigger Man Than You on December 01, 1999 at 23:51:30:

In Reply to: Praise for Toy Story 2 posted by Fran on December 01, 1999 at 00:15:26:

Screw the "more adult" cartoon wanna-be's of the last year. The industry should be proud to have 3 such great films such as "Iron Giant" "South Park" and "Toy Story 2" out this year. That they happen to be animated should make the aniMATion industry that much more proud. That they attempt to be GREAT FILMS rather than imitate Disney's success gives me hope. THEY are the more mature animated films of the last decade. NOTHING else comes close (ARE YOU LISTENING, JEFFERY???????????) "Toy Story 2" has set the bar VERY high. Here's hoping there'll be a few in the next year that move it even higher! CONGRATULATIONS PIXAR!

While I join you in praising Pixars success I find your childish and obviously prejudiced attack on DW typical of the one sided mentality that bores me beyond belief. If in praising one studio you need to slam another please be aware that you do have a personal problem. Like or dislike whatever you want but when climbing on the soap box it might serve your cause better to hide your emotional holes as it taints any praise you could give. You will look more like a Pixar supporter and less like a bitter ex DreamWorker. Of course we understand that as a follower and not a leader it is easier to grab the coat tails of someone you think is stronger and shout taunts but it does little for your personal credibility . It in reality makes you look incredibly pathetic. The very chance you even know what a "mature" film is seems rather slim .

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