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Posted by Dave on September 14, 1999 at 04:47:26:

Do not think anyone blames you for the "Canadian " reference Charles. It is where the studio was. The point really is that in an effort to horde cash they sent the work where it would be done badly. The interesting thing would be to call them on it. Disney when they sent work to Japan gave the artists tests to make sure they weren't just people off the street. Does anyone know what these artists in Canada were paid (not the studio, the artists) ? I'm guessing , but I'll wager it was mighty low (hence the quality of work may be misleading). I'm also guessing that like the Asian studios they haven't got a clue what the Canadian management is making off them.

So for the sake of having a large volume of work done for virtually nothing the people you work for are willing to produce crap and put your name on it. Which brings me to the next question. Where is the soilidarity to say "No, I wont do this "? I know everyone fears "they will just make someone else do it" but I have to say that it cannot start outside. Picketing and anger will not work. How about this. Everytime someone says "We want to send this work out to get it done cheap", all the directors ask say "NO". Just "No".

I know this sounds simplistic but to me it is the only answer. Refuse. Say "I'm not going to have that crap on my resume". "I wont take the blame for that". "Why should I make up by doing twice the work to keep these cheap studios viable"? I need to know what it is that keeps directors from doing this. Are they going to send the directing up there ? I don't think so. If so, why even direct it here? Why create the false illusion of it being an LA project ? I'm confused as to the politics.

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