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Posted by SNAKEBITE on November 11, 1999 at 13:13:20:

I don't get, maybe I've missed something here, no I didn't miss a thing, its right in my face. Every time that someone post something of some signifigance or value I can practically hear the crickets chirping, but when someone posts a message in regards to what country is better than what country or an inquiry as to what happen to some lame animated show that got cancelled decades ago, you guys have field day. I don't know if yous guys have noticed but this is ANIMATION NATION not geek nation, check out the motif here, its war in this industry, and guys like Charles put their necks on the line to give you valuable information that most won't . Don't get me wrong I've seen great growth in this site just in the short time I've been here and there are individuals that do bust out with the info, but its a small handfull of the usuals and my hat off to those Im referring to, but the rest of you readers, why are here, are you entertained, do we amuse you, is this a vehicle to your mindless flapping of the gums, sure you can say Im angry and dismiss it, just know Im passionate and you missed it . Just like most things...you miss it.
Theres a greater reason for this site than just a chat room , its a great creative channel tuned in to be utilized for us, you the artists, to expand on the things we weren't aware of and to share the things we are.
At first I thought it was just me but Ive talk to some individuals and they feel the same way, so...IM CHALLENGING ALL OF YOUS, not the ones that have already caught on, but to the ones that obviously haven;t, as a active participant to the movement, reprsenting no-one but myself, BRING IT ON...
yes that was a official challenge for those of you that might not of registered to.Lets show support here, you got something to share, don't ask for people to come to you, utilize this site for what it was intended to be, post what you know or just let us know your out there and care...HELLO....HELLO ARE YOU ALIVE, DO YOU CARE.. you will... hopefully.

-with love and passion in what I do;

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