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Posted by Dave Brewster on November 10, 1999 at 11:01:47:

In Reply to: Animation Magazine posted by Korty on November 09, 1999 at 13:52:57:

: .Anyone but me feel somewhat disappointed in the last few issues of "Animation Magazine?"

You are right, get ANIMATION BLAST instead.My personal fav. Amids magazine is pure art driven. No political butt kissing. I love it. Each issue is better and better (and they were great to begin with). At this point it is the best animation mag out there. Pure art driven. I recommend it. Even though it is on a past issue (the new one rocks ) read the review below from

'Animation Blast'
Magazine Review

It's funny. There seems to be enough animation publications on the
market, but few are even readable. Forget "Animated Life" or "Toon
Magazine" or even "Animation Magazine," there simply aren't enough
content-rich animation magazines. "Animato" and "FPS: Frames Per
Second" are probably the best publications out there, but between two
quartley magazines, that's not much when you punch that in your
calculator. I don't exactly have the solution for you, but at least I can
happliy say there's three animation zines that deserve attention. The
newest one is Amid Amidi's "Animation Blast." It's not new persee
(this being the third issue), but Amid's publication is finally starting to
get the attention it deserves. "Animation Blast" is really the only indie
zine that I know of, and it really conveys an independent type feel that
makes "Animation Blast" even more attractive.

The hook that draws me in is Amid's big 7 page interview with the
Scooby-Doo creator, Iwao Takamoto. I was completely enthralled by
Mr. Takamoto's insight and stories. Whether it was his early years full
of cartooned revelations, his career at Disney from an inbetweener to
one of the head creators, or his television work under Hanna and
Barbera, Iwao gave a new meaning to word artist. Ever wonder what
type of work Iwao did on "Lady and the Tramp" or "Sleeping Beauty?"
Or how Penelope Pitstop from "Wacky Races" got created? You'll find
out in "Animation Blast." Amid has also gracioulsy dispersed close to 3
pages of original sketchwork from Takamoto's various projects
throughout the interview.

Speaking of artwork, there's also a few pages devoted to cartoons
(Big Pants Mouse) exclusive to "Animation Blast" by Gabe Swarr, an
animator/layout artist at Spumco International. You don't get that sort
of thing in Animation Magazine, now do you?

Of course you get your dose of
animation reviews as well. Amid
takes a look at the latest television
shows, "Dilbert," "The PJ's,"
"Futurama," and Disney's
"Mouseworks," as well as a look
at the latest Spike and Mike
Animation Festival. Before I
move on, let me state that these
aren't your

Animation Blast©

typical animation reviews, they're reviews with opinions that will most
likely raise your eyebrows in amazement. Want to read why Amid
comments in saying "Futurama" "misses out on quiter moments needed
to balance the endlessly frenetic scenes and the non-stop barrage of
jokes?" Or why "The PJ's" "is far and above better than any other
animated show currently on television bar 'King of the Hill'?" The
great part is that Amid actually makes you think twice about your
thoughts on these shows; it's not pessimistic thinking, it's simply
intelligent opinions.

Amid also had one of Warner Bros. finest animators, Greg Duffell,
write up a couple articles. One consisted of an analyzation of the 1958
animated short, "Robin Hood Daffy" (which I didn't care for - the
article that is), and another about the life and times of Hollywood's
greatest artistic secret, John McGrew, which I found fascinating. The
thing is, most of us grew up on these Warner Bros. cartoons, but we
never got the chance to learn a little about the hands that created these
animated wonders.

And finally, I must take a second to comment on Amid's newest
feature, "The Disney Fun Page." I'm not going to give much away, but
there's one tidbit that brought a glowing smile to my face. You know
Tantor, the elephant in Disney's upcoming "Tarzan?" Well, read
"Animation Blast" to find out where it came from. It'll amaze you.

All in all, "Animation Blast" is the industry's biggest kept secret. I've
been a fan since the first issue when the cover was made of hard orange
paper, but now that it's on its third issue, I've seem great
improvement, both in the writing and the style/organization of the

So how do you purchase "Animation Blast?" Good question. You can
either purchase it online through AWN's Newsstand here or you can
head on over to Amid's site to purchase it. If you buy it online, it costs
ya' $2.50 b/c of shipping and whatnot, otherwise you can send Amid
two measely bucks in the mail for it. Go here for more information.
You might as well pick up issue #2 while your at it. Enjoy cartoon

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