the IRON GIANT *sweeps* the Annies!!

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Posted by Simu H. on November 07, 1999 at 02:55:10:

In Reply to: Animation and American culture posted by Kaylee on November 06, 1999 at 15:05:00:

(not that the industry of American animation needed any house-cleaning....)

To begin to answer your question, Kaylee, .. (not that I am competent to answer) .. I think I can pretend to remember that "animation," in its absolutely most beginningest forms, dates back almost 150 years.. when some european-types (bored Belgians, and the like) invented rudimentary illusions of two images overlapping.

And then, in succeeding years, the zoetrope and phenakistoscope .. (and other intimidatingly long words) .. came into being.

I don't think, however, this is really what you are asking.

Naturally, animation filters through the hearts and minds of the people creating it. And none of us, sadly, can be entirely free from the ideas, conventions, habits, morals, or social concerns of the civilization we are living in. (Wow. This sounds like weighty stuff.)

So yeah. Of course animation has something to do with American culture. Or the other way around.

The pioneering work of the early animators (many of them Americans) has influenced the look and trajectory of the artform, -- and continues to do so, all over the world.

Many of us are trying to crawl out from beneath the thumb of this "heritage" .. to create animation that is unique ... and perhaps even remotely worthwhile. (Whatever that means.)

Which is why the success of the Iron Giant is so important.

I heard rumors that, because Brad Bird had such autonomy in making this film, .. the higher-ups at Warner Bros. chose not to promote it, .. (almost as a last laugh? as spite?) <---i have a hard time beLIEving this

Regardless. The Iron Giant was honored last night by its community of peers, -- to the sound of great cheer, applause and ovation. There is no doubt, no imagination, that could suggest otherwise: American animation is at a crossroads; it has the potential (and opportunity) to become something singularly wonder-fuLL....

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