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Posted by Charles on October 28, 1999 at 01:33:50:

An anonymous individual sent me a copy of a memorandum that was circulated at Walt Disney Television Animation. I'll try to stop laughing long enough to relay it to everyone.

Seems that those good ol' boys and gals over at WDTVA are gettin' a little dry. Check this out:

"Got an idea for a Video Premiere or a TV Series that you think is fantastic?

Think Disney would be insane not to develop it?

Got an insatiable urge to pitch to somebody?

Then limber up your brain, polish your public speaking skills and get ready for:


Coming in December to a conference room near you. Further info. soon.

Open to all full-time Walt Disney Television Animation Employees."

I kid you not, comrades.

This memo is dated October 20, 1999. It's initialed by Barry Blumberg and Sharon Morrill, with a cc: to Mark Kenchelian.

I don't know where to start with this. Hey you guys who were layed off at Disney's studio in Canada, what do you think? How about those of you who've been layed off in Burbank?

Are you Disney honchos really that desperate? Do you really think that your animation artists are going to take this seriously? Do you really think that we're that foolish? Anybody pitching to you under the banner of this "Pitchin' ta Losers" guise would have to be out of their ever loving minds.

Let me explain something to you, brothers and sisters at Disney TV Animation. There is a proper procedure for doing this. They are actively soliciting your intellectual properties. Under no circumstances would any professional walk into a conference room and make the kind of pitch they're calling for without legal representation. Anyone who is interested in doing this should retain a good entertainment attorney first. One who knows the numbers, understands copyright issues, intellectual property rights and one who can read and write contracts.

What Disney TV Animation is doing, better yet the way that they are going about it is completley and absolutely inappropriate. Only a novice would be so naive and walk into a conference room armed only with their presentation and this memo.

Ask yourselves this question... What is their motivation? What's the driving force behind this? Weakness?

Make your pitch in December, but do it the right way. Ask a friend for a referal to an entertainment attorney. Find out how you should prepare for this if you want to do it. Protect your property. Don't fall for this song and dance unless its on your terms.

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