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Posted by Dave on October 20, 1999 at 15:17:23:

In Reply to: But there is a difference posted by Bob on October 19, 1999 at 21:30:12:

: : Thanks for posting this Sam.

: : : concerning the PBS thing, as you've been discussing with 'mako' whom i know very well
: : : is that, yes! u.s. studios can send things overseas. PBS does tell their patrons
: : : that 'their money' is working for them. that becomes more of a PBS accountability issue than
: : : one directed toward canadians.

: : And should be. Most of PBS has been dominated in part by BBC British series work and I doubt the British contribute a dime.

: Actually, the British did/do contribute

Not to the American PBS . Not a dime. Dont even try it.

;Shows like DOCTOR WHO and MASTERPIECE THEATER were paid for before they were shown in America.

Like that makes any difference. It is still US taxpayers dollars paying for other countries programming. In fact even twice as insulting because the lousy contract awarded to Nelvana isn't even under their control. It is an American run service job. Tell me which you would chose. To create your own programming or do other peoples service jobs. You are right. There is a difference.

: In the case of the Nelvana deal, PBS is paying production costs, which are a whole lot more than paying for reruns.

Quote the costs vs since you seem to think you know them. So it is ok to you that you pay for a British series rather than fund American film makers or buy an American series. Nice double standard. Taxpayers money is money reguardless of the source of the programming.

: The question remains: Why should Americans subsidize foreign labor at the expense of their own jobs?

Good point. We should also examine the Canadian PBS TV Ontario. From what I remember Seasame Street was funded in part by them as well. Series like Nova. 90% of Canadian PBS was American programming it seems interesting that when a crap contract gets awarded to a Canadian company the flags go up. Economic giant vs puny beaten up Canada, who because of the free trade totally lost it's industrial sector to the upper states (who offered NON UNION LABOR , tax incentives and free land) and whos currency is worth half an American dollar. It is time for you to rally now to get back your chance to ship work overseas. Sheesh. Since Canada does nothing BUT pay for American programming, products, services, tech , cars , I'm pretty surprised at you feeling this way Bob. Really surprised.

The idea of economic isolationism is so 40's that to hear it now seems really silent film. Please, picket PBS and get the damn funds back. Either way you can just ship it in bags to Korea. Like it matters. There is no Canadian crew at Nelvana to benifit from any "windfall". Why is it to me, this all seems so pathetic.

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