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Posted by Dave on October 20, 1999 at 11:43:46:

In Reply to: Re: BIDDING posted by sam on October 19, 1999 at 21:34:51:

It is my understanding that BBC produces those shows and the sells to the US. I know there have been collaborations but I'm not sure on which programs.

: : Well I dont see where Nelvana really even suits the "quality entertainment " requirements that PBS professes even beyond accountability or some past relationship. That to me is a mystery in itself.

: while visiting my brother in michigan, we took a short trip to toronto and i actually applied to nelvana in 1981. they were somewhat amused that someone like me, a texan, was willing to come all that way just to paint cels. they did lots of that back then(cel painting), and i liked their stuff. i thought it was a good way to get started and my intention was to get enrolled at sheridan and have a part-time job. well, lo and behold, they recommended that i try getting into to sheridan too. so i did. never got to paint cels at nelvana though. met some nice people who worked there while i was attending sheridan. i knew nothing about work visas or things of that nature. they did search my pick-up for guns though. the border guy was convinced i was carrying. after all, i had 'texas' plates. the guy actually said that. true story.

We had lots of people from New York, Jersey and Chicago so it is rare that anyone wanders out of the Lone Star state to work up there. The gun search is a hoot. I'm pretty shocked. Even now they dont do that and you dont look like any gun toting crazy person at all. I'm not sure what he was thinking at all.

: :
: : as far as contributions go; hmmm. let's see canada has like...25million and the u.s. has like...250million. all right. i guess it's the thought that counts, eh?

: It is not often I am belittled over a population I have no control of. Despite that I feel no regret for my contribution. When I made it I was contributing as a viewer and not as my assigned label. Silly me.

: i'm sorry dave. i misunderstood what you were saying here about the contribution. i thought it was a 'typo'. thanks for clarifying that. no doubt, PBS provides qualilty programming and ought
: to be supported. i do that too. if the US population contributes more to PBS, by virtue of having a significantly larger population, that's just a fact. it was not intended as anything other than that. it relates to why some US studios question the practices concerning PBS.
: i admit i could have been less trite about my choice of words there. point taken.

Canadas population is small. Real small.The US didn't lose the war to annex Canada, they gave up interest. Like someone would want a frozen rock covered wasteland. Our CBC keeps trying to push Canadian identity but it is a total lie. I don't speak French well nor do most of the 17 million English speaking Canadians and except for the CBC all our programs are American (even the CBC runs lots of American shows though) . There are absolutely no or little difference between the cultures at all. None. And we are totally American culture saturated (no one is to blame since it is the larger culture) .Any Canadian content rules by the CRTC are totally sidestepped or perverted as Jon pointed out (Cinar hiring Americans and using Canadian names). Point being that there are in a sense no borders.

Now I looked on the production board today and saw Yowzas (Cnd) name , Spaffs (US), Giants (Britain) and Bardels (Cnd). No start dates, just names. I am pretty sure most haven't commited yet so it is still all maybes.

: :
: : Well, actually I am at Warners and from what I know they are taking on more than one (like four) and that only one is solid (maybe). Even so they have no start date. I think you are being asked to bid because it isn't over.

: they told me one studio for animation and one studio for efx. i questioned that myself.

I do as well. I dont know that Yowza even has that large a crew. As with you they cannot hire till there is commitment.

: but i was told that they were looking for large numbers of people already in place.

There is only one place that promises that and it is Bardel. I dont know how they do it other then dragging people out of welfare lines or tricking small children into child labor. Training is not important to them so it would seem.

:our studio is project driven. we can't keep people if we don't have work. kind of like jon has mentioned. we've been thru that process too. although we were told that the decision had, indeed been made, we submitted our bid hopes of a change of circumstances, just being prepared, and just simply following thru on what we were asked to submit.

I do not know how choices are made but I do know this will hit fast when it comes. Warners functions like this is as commercial and does not leave any time to question.

: :
: : now what should be noted about this situation is that we were told that the decision was made based on 'experience' and 'financial' concerns. as far as i can gather, our experience level is no less than the studio to which it was awarded.

: ok. ok. our experience doesn't match the combined experiences of the chiasson brothers.

Not many could but again it shouldn't be the sole basis for chosing. By numbers they have to pick up there crew so I'm not sure how that will happen. I know you have a lot of people ready.

i have brothers too. one's a gynocologist...awful artist, but a legend in his chosen field, and the other brother is a boat captain on south padre island in texas. he can't draw either but he's an amazing angler. best ever eh?

Do not let him go near Bardels. If they find out he has animation blood he will be kidnapped and chained to a deskk.

well, i can't argue with that. you know your stuff! i'm not being facetious. but i would love the opportunity to participate alongside that talent. i know we have people who can do it right. i have heard of the chaissons. and they do have a fine reputation. my point wasn't to question anyone else's credentials. i had lunch once with a couple of disney animators and was introduced to roger chiasson at that time. i know that they have some other good people working with them as well. i was given names of some of the others. i would say that the chaissons are fortunate to have someone like you, even though their talent is so apparent, showing such strong support on their behalf. that's great and that's how it should be.

Well it isn't so much support as it is letting people know that if anyone was leaned towards it was not based on nothing. These are my freinds and I like them but I dont think anyone should have an ufair advantage at all. My hope is that no matter what happens that the companies bidding share the work as I cannot see it being just one studio alone. Myself I am in support of any independant studio getting a shot at work. Here, there , in any place. Reguardless of what state city or country. Borders are someone elses lines of isolation and as people from LA who have worked around the world our borders have to be less defined (Jon even ran an Austrailian unit).

: : What I do know besides there in no start date for outside studios is that there must be more than one. Did they say it was over ?
: :
: they said that decisions were made. but i remain optimistic. a film is not done til it's done.
(that's my profound statement for the week).

I'll say. Ive see these things turn quicker than traffic light.

: : As I said , my take is Yowza may have been one of the first on but I do not think they are the last. Did they tell you that all bidding was over ?

: i am aware that yowza has been working on some good projects consistently for a while. my hat is off to them and i support any studio that produces good work and makes all efforts to support their artists and related staff. after my days at heart
: o' texas and some significant milestones that we achieved there, i had some down time. our new studio, little wolf, is gaining back some of that hard earned ground. i could fill you in on details but not in a public forum. when our webpage is complete in the next couple of weeks, i'll let you know...if you're interested. who knows? you might even decide to come for a visit.
: we are in the heart of down-town austin...the 'live music' capitol of the world!

Not a bad idea at all. Texas is pretty mythical as well.

: i am not personally frustrated or resentful of canadians or any other group. i have lifelong friends from my days at school up there. i spent 3 weeks with several of them in montreal last fall. most of them weren't actually animating either. it was mostly pre-production for them.

Unfortunately that is more the case and now even Nelvana is shipping posing overseas now.

: i am a bit frustrated and bewildered, like many others about some of the current trends in animation.

I totally understand. I worked from my apartment as a studio for years in Canada doing work for Europe. The life isn't consitant as you want and tomorrow is always a mystery. Hard to raise kids that way but it is possible. Myself I agree that PBS should make every effort to be supporting American studios. It doesn't make sense not to. If it were up to me I would pull everything from Nelvana and send it to you. I only wanted people to know that despite the borders they are only political borders. What people think may not be the case.

: see ya'dave, et. all! gotta' finish a scene.
: sam

Me too. See ya.

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