Re: American Animators: Your Tax Dollars at Work Putting You Out of Work

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Posted by Dave on October 17, 1999 at 18:41:12:

In Reply to: Re: American Animators: Your Tax Dollars at Work Putting You Out of Work posted by Mako on October 17, 1999 at 09:39:14:

: the point that PBS is a (US) public owned and operated organization. they constantly remind
: their viewers about that. were any US studios invited to bid on that contract? probably not.

That is an incredibly good question to have answered before anyone takes offense to the deal. I mean, cannot Americans ship work to the rim just as well as Canadians ? (This sounds like a joke but I'm serious). Nelvana does nothing in house at all so it is kind of silly. Why cant a US company do it. Rick Rich for instance.

: do you have any documention that you can share with us 'mr/ms Eek' concerning previous contracts
: awarded to Nelvana that come close to the figures
: of this contract?

Or any of the US bids on it . You want to do something great ? Start telling everybody how they can get into this bid system . I'm sure there are a lot of independants that need to know how to do this.

: concerning your statement that 'only a few board
: artists, designers, and shareholders will benefit' (paraphrased),that deserves a response. despite the fact that animation will happen overseas, 40 million is not a small chunk of change. maybe to you, but that could keep a studio
: like Nelvana running for at least a couple of years. your thinking is askew my friend, to suggest that only a small number will benefit from a contract such as this.

Only a small number do. The heads of the company. No animators do. They even have shipped posing overseas . Nelvana doesn't do animation any more.

: PBS shareholders are the american public, at least
: that is what 'publicly owned' would imply. how many canadians contribute to those shows?

Actually Canadians have contributed lots of money to PBS stations in the states. They are totally in PBSs broadcast range and even living in Ontario over the years we gave ourselves over a $1000 in ten years. They got a lot of money from Canadians because the programming was good (plus you got great premiums like tapes, cassettes T shirts and of course the viewers guide). Only problem was it WASN"T tax deductable in Canada.

:and how much funding does the canadian government contribute to PBS?

That is the funny thing because it was not only the US government contributing matching funds but corporations and they didn't care where the contributers funds came from. Canada or the US. Point was that a lot of US PBS stations were getting Canadian money. Bet you didn't know that. Funny but no one complained about it in Canada. Even the Canadian PBS TV Ontario.

:the point is Eek, that this example is a crystal clear indication of how topsy
: turvy the current economically imbalanced situation is for US studios that are trying to compete for contracts that they ought to have a
: fair shot at. that's all. is that a fair assessment?

Fair is the word. I'd like to see if any US studios even bid on it. Again, it seems that a US company should be able to ship things to overseas just as well as a Canuck.

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